What BAGS To Wear During Summer Festival Season?

If you think FashionWeek is the place to be for partying and hanging out with la creme de la creme of the sartorial world, or just the cool kids, well… think again. Once summer hits our hearts they start beating to our fave beats, songs, and artists and we all turn into these new-type-of-groupies that spend weekends at music festivals in the coolest clothes ever. This apparently is the new thing to do if you love music, you love summer, and you love love love fashion.

When it comes to summer and weekend fashion aka festival fashion we’ve pretty much become gurus of what to wear. Masters of the boho chic slash rockroll style. BUT one thing we’ve missed and have yet to start splurging on and start talking about is the BAGS!

A few weeks ago I came across this great new brand that designs handmade bags – Brand Fair – and it hit me: I’m going to music festivals this summer, I’m a summer gal, I love to look great in the most effortless way possible, I love casual boho styles, but don’t mind a bit of edge, chicness, and a bit of razzamatazz hanging so very effortless around my body. I LOVE bags and would love one that is made for chic laid back weekends but also for summer office days when a bit of colour and a bit of fab style makes for a better day, you know what I mean.

festival-looks-bags-4 handmade-bags

So YES I loved their bags. Brand Fair BAGS are the definition of boho chic with a fashion story. They’re all handmade and unique pieces and I what I love about them is the fact that each bag has this vibe to it, and a mood and story it puts you into, and a fab name to go with it.

My fave bag from is Pink Paris. Shut the front door. It has the chicness, it has the cool vibe, but it’s also a perfect marriage between weekend style and office wear with a twist.


All bags can be carried in your hands, hanging off your shoulders, or messenger style for free hands you know. They’re adjustable. They’re pretty big to fit my whole mess into them, but at the same time not too big to get in my way when I’m say… dancing, drinking to some tune, or just going around town.

If you love trends and a bit of bling or a bit of fringe – Santorini or Istanbul bag is the way to go. They’re unique statement pieces, and I can picture them hanging off bare shoulders paired with a a clean denim and white look, or an all-black minimal chic style.

The Santorini bag is woven by the expert women weavers in the Waguu tribe with every stitch reflecting their moods and creativity, so that each Mochila bag is not only handmade 100%, but also unique, with its own story.

DSC_0139 DSC_0016

The patterns on each bag style are amazing, the colours are so vibrant you’d think you landed in a IRL Instagram, fringes on bags are leather, they’re assembled in leather, they’re embellished with hundreds of crystals and beads.

It’s really a lot of brilliant craftsmanship packed with great style, tradition, and a story. And THAT is exactly what every sartorial lover wants in an item, regardless of where we carry it in the end.


I love statement pieces, because most of the times I can’t be bothered with perfected outfits, so for me these bags are right down my street. They’re statement if you want them to be, but also versatile.

Festival season needs amazing bags, statement pieces, that do the talking for themselves, that stand out, but are also style-blend-material, and have a story to them.

Have a look, have a browse, and click away to this absolutely chic BAGS shop. You will love it.


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festival-looks-bags-5 festival-looks-bags-2 istanbul-sand-landing

festival-looks-bags-8 london-purple-landing santorini-red-landing original-pink-landing persia-sand-landing

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