As we approach arguably one of the best times of the year – spooky season – Halloween costume ideas are once again flooding the internet! With the pandemic largely preventing us from celebrating in our usual style last year, we’re hoping this year will allow for a little more normality. 

However, it’s likely that some will still be keen to wear masks (and not the spooky kind) when mingling, meaning many Halloween looks this year may be restricted to the upper half of the face. But fear not! There are so many fantastic ways to create a truly terrifying Halloween look using the eyes as the focal point. In fact, in recent years, the popularity of accessories such as scary contact lenses to complement a Halloween costume have proved just how crucial these seemingly minor details can be. 

The eyes are one of the best ways to really bring your Halloween look to life, so we’re going to explore some of our favourite spooky eye looks – particularly when it comes to the use of eyelash extensions! 


1. Animal Print Lashes 

We know it might not seem groundbreaking to dress up as a cat for Halloween, but it really doesn’t have to be the conventional look everyone is accustomed to seeing. If you want to mix it up a little, why not opt for a leopard look instead? Using super long, temporary leopard print strip lashes – such as these from Amazon – you can create a really dramatic eye look. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to stick these to your natural lashes, as we all know excessively long lashes can be damaging. Instead, the lashes could be applied below the lower lash line, creating a really creepy 3D effect!

If you accompany the lashes with leopard print eye makeup, this can create a stunning, low maintenance Halloween look. To top it off, pair with a leopard print unitard or catsuit, and voila! You’re good to go and can even channel Beyonce circa 2007. 

  1. Cobweb Lashes

As well as experimenting with temporary eyelash extensions, using your natural lashes to create an optical illusion is another great way to spice up your Halloween look! 

One look we’re particularly impressed by is the spider web lash look. By applying some winged eyeliner and carefully drawing a spider’s web which stretches up into the eyebrows – with the lines mimicking the shape and length of super exaggerated eyelash extensions – this creates the illusion of the lashes themselves being webbed. 

Even close up, this eye look is really effective. 

Top tip: Make sure to fully conceal your eyebrows for maximum effect! 

This would look perfect with a Venom-esque style costume and would be super on trend this year, given the new Venom film has just been released! 

  1. Volume Eyelash Extensions

You may be wondering how volume lashes – a very popular style of semi-permanent lash extensions – can be used to create a Halloween look. Well, allow me to enlighten you! 

If you are a lover of lash extensions and regularly keep up with infills, you’re probably aware that you should avoid using too much makeup/oil-based products near them to avoid premature shedding. But instead of this holding you back from creating a creepy Halloween eye look, it can actually aid you! 

Use your lashes as a base from which to create your look. Volume lashes in particular can be extremely striking and bold, so these can add rather than detract from your overall Halloween look. If you want to opt for a devil-inspired look, for example, you could use red contact lenses (with caution, of course), and focus on applying makeup to the areas surrounding your eyelid and down your cheeks – as shown below:

Similarly, as you’ll notice here, dark eyeshadow has been swept across the lower lash line to add that extra element of horror – again, this won’t have a major impact on your volume eyelash extensions since it steers clear of the top lash line. 

So there we have it, three quick ways to make your Halloween look stand out by using the eyes and lashes in particular! 

xoxo D.

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