Get A Jump On Hairstyle Trends for Fall

You’re in an exclusive club of women if you’ve had the same hairstyle ever since you were a little girl. A British study reports that only 6% of women have never changed their styles at all, while more than three times that many say they change theirs just about every single year.

The study goes on to say that 41% of women change their basic hairdos once every two years. And the rest change their looks whenever inspiration strikes. Sometimes it’s before getting married or after having a baby. Sometimes it’s to get a fresh start after a romantic breakup or for a new job. Sometimes it’s to look younger, to look more mature. And sometimes it’s just out of sheer boredom.

Whichever group you’re in, fashion trends fueled by runway shows, celebrities, and movies & television, are the top influencers of decisions you make about your hair.

If you’re old enough, you can remember when everyone was wearing the long deep waves with flipped back sides popularized by Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angels, and two decades later, the sleek long shag that Jennifer Aniston wore on Friends turned into a national craze. Rihanna changes her hairstyle every five minutes, it seems, but it was the ‘do with a single shaved side that caught everyone’s attention and inspired tons of people to do the same.

So while you’re mulling over the reasons you’ve changed your own style over the years and maybe thinking it’s time to switch things up again, here are the top trends coming on for fall:

Long Easy Waves

Romantic but not too fussy, long loose waves were one of the hottest looks on the high fashion runways. If you’d like to try the style but your hair isn’t long enough, this is the time to try tape-in hair extensions. They’re inexpensive, you can easily apply them yourself, and with a minimum of care they can last six to eight weeks. If you’ve already got wavy hair, you can find extensions to match, and even if your own hair is stick-straight, you can create the look by using a one-inch curling iron on both your own hair and the extensions.

Sleek Crown With Volume Below

A fresh new look is the smooth, slicked back crown with the rest of the hair tucked behind the ears and then exploding in texture or voluminous waves. Especially for evening, this style is chic and dramatic. And speaking of tucking your hair behind your ears, it also works without the volume; a cascade of glossy straight hair speaks for itself.


The classic ponytail is back with a vengeance, but looking more polished for Fall 2017. Style yours with a deep side part for extra sophistication, and wear it high, low, or twisted to the side. Finish it off with a big bow in velvet, satin, or wide grosgrain ribbon and you’ll be model-perfect.

Buns and Twists 

Another classic that never really went out of style is the updo. This time it’s anything but messy, though. Create a ballerina bun at the nape of your neck, a vintage French twist ala Grace Kelly, or a ‘do with braids. Tame flyaways with product for control, but don’t let that stop you from including some gentle — and intentional — tendrils for a graceful note around your hairline.

Lots of Accessories

In addition to the ribbons and bows adorning the season’s ponytails, hairbands and headbands are being used to amp up the look of many styles. Studded with jewels, embellished with floral elements, or in simple prints or solids to coordinate with what you’re wearing, they can be your best friends, particularly on days when your hair isn’t quite cooperating. This fall’s array of barrettes and clips are also versatile accessories, whether you use them for control, for a pop of color, for a whimsical touch, or for a big glam statement.

While you’re considering what hairdo to go with next, realize that on the opposite side of the spectrum, men are much more loyal to their haircuts. One survey reports that, despite the fact that style icon David Beckham revises his look all the time, the majority of men only change their hairstyles three times in their adult lives.