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What Are The Biggest Hair Trends For 2013? Get Some Color Inspiration…

blonde-veiling When it comes to hair this season, forget haircuts and hairstyles and focus on color or better yet coloring techniques that are uber hot in 2013! What am I rambling about? Why it’s the Hair Veiling & the Color Flipping Trends, that will supposedly be replacing the Dip-Dyed Hair. Well… I’d rather they add up to the dipped dyed style, because I finally want to do it :)  Hair Veiling is dying your hair a different shade underneath its first layer, getting subtle hair color nuances by creating hidden panels of color, so that when you flip the hair from one side to another it reveals another shade. And apparently the Color Flipping (which I would have assumed is exactly what I’ve just described) is switching the different-color-ends with the different-color-crown. So it will be a funky color on top of the head,  and then natural through the end. With denim blue being a huge color trend. Wait what? Errr that’s a bit far off for those of us who are no longer teens or in our early 20’s. Ha! But hey, if you love it, rock it! Like the girl in the photo below who is absolutely gorgeous rocking this edgy hair color!veiling-hair red-color-veiling According the Dailymail UK we’ll be noticing lots of celebs donning the Veiling Trend. No surprise there, I mean beauties like Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson or Khloe Kardashian have become buckets of inspiration when it comes to their dip dyed tresses. These ladies look amazing with ombre hair and light blonde or red colored ends. So, as already established hair color icons, I think we should keep an eye on their hair and see what the fuss is about with Hair Color Flipping & Hair Veiling. 

Celebrities Dip Dye Hair Stylesjessica alba-dip-dyed-hair khloe_kardashian_dip-dyed-hair ombre-hair-veiling demi-lovato-pink-dip-dyed-hair rachel-bilson-dip-dyed Premiere of TriStar Pictures' Basically these 2 hair color trends are a more subtle version of the dip-dye hair style. Well actually it depends on how far you go with it… Speaking of color trends for 2013, here are the hottest shades to rock: Browns – ‘‘browns inspired by the rust tones on the color spectrum, giving a really flattering copper undertone that warms the face” or the ‘‘burnt brown”; Red – it’s less copper & more dramatic red; Blonde – ice blonde is in. But I would assume it’s OK to play with shades. It’s all about having fun, right? Flip that hair girl and show your daring shades… :) ”I flip my hair back and forth/I flip my hair back and forth’

Hair Inspiration for subtle hair veiling ideas: hair-veiling (2) hair-veiling ice-blonde Until this veiling color flipping trend kicks in… let’s enjoy some ”classic” dip-dyed hair for some fashion & beauty inspiration.

ash-blue-dip-dyed-hair-color black-red-dip-dyed-hair blonde-dip-dyed-hair blue-green-dip-dyed-hair (2) blue-green-dip-dyed-hair dip-dyed dip-dyed-hair-tredn dip-dyed-style-trend green-dip-dyed-hair (2) green-dip-dyed-hair hair-trend-dip-dyed hari-veiling pink-blue-dip-dyed-hair pink-dip-dyed-hair I am loving the messy waves in funky shades, but my fave is the ombre dip dye hair. The dip dye hair is the in-your-face type pf style & look, so I suppose the advantage of the latest Veiling Trend is that it’s got a hidden edge to it. You could probably rock a crazy color, hide it away at the office and then take it out when you go partying. Talk about an alter ego!