Hair Trend 2024: Is Everyone Becoming A Redhead This Summer?

Every time I open instagram these days someone famous or beautiful goes redhead and dies their hair either cowboy copper or cherry cola . Why? What happened between blonde, bronde, and balayage that had us all doing 180 and straight into red mode? Well the fashion cycle happened, and the new generation is now inspired by 90s Claire Danes ‘My so called life‘ era.

Oh man where did time fly by. It was just yesterday that I begged my mom to let me dye my hair red in high school. She said no, but I did it anyway. (a few years later). And you know what… looking back almost everyone looked good as a redhead. Which is still available in today’s beauty real world.

Maybe a hairdresser and colourist can help us figure out why? How come anyone looks great with red hair? Or is it just my imagination?

What is different to 2024 red hair trend than that of the past? 

Firstly there’s a new shade in town and it’s called cherry cola, a deep cool red that looks amazing, and has become Dua Lipa’s trademark.

Secondly redheads these days are the 90s version of Angie Everheart... amazing hair, thick and luscious, long, with a 90s blow-out style to it.

That doesn’t;’t mean a thin haired girl with straight hair can’t work this color, or a short pixie cut, or a lob or bob be it curly, wavy, or straight… I think anything works and if my hair wasn’t falling that much these days I’d totally jump on this redhead wagon.


It’s fun, quite sexy, elegant and edgy, luxe and rich, and if you hate it or get bored, it grows and it can be dyed back… If you got the mane for it, do it!

xoxo Dana