Haircolors Talk & Trends: Blonde vs Brunette vs Red

Let’s set the record straight first: there is no such thing as the ultimate hair color, nor the best, nor the ‘one’ everyone should do, and personally I support hair experimenting more than anybody. Hell I’ve gone from super blonde to jet black, to red, and even green back in highschool.

For me, as a girl who loves long hair (or is afraid to chop it off), experimenting with hair color is actually the furthest I go.



It’s the easiest way to have fun with looks. Yet, if the age or the affinity for pink, green, blue hair is way past you, then we’re left with the classic colors: blonde, brunette, and red hair.

Might seem so restrictive, but it’s not actually, as each and everyone of them has tones of shades (not to mention the highlights you can play with), from cool to warm, from muted to bright and so on. And THIS is the moment the hair-color-plot thickens.


Actually the reason behind this post was my indecision right now with the haircolor I should get for the holidays: blond(er) or brunette? I always go for chocolate hair, and will probably do the same now, but I tell you… this post has made me kinda re-think my go-to-color.

And I confess the infamous question: ‘Which color does actually look best?’ has crossed my mind, but without any conclusive answer, cause while I always think brunette hair is the best, I’m falling pretty hard for red hair and super blonde right now.

blondes-haircolor-trend-2015 (7) red-haircolor-looks (8)


Knowing which hair colors look best on us can do wonders. A fantastic hair color is pure magic. Just have a look at these celebs hair colors switches and you’ll see.

celebrities-haircolors-diff 20130227-193448


According to more savy people it’s easy: it’s all about the skin tone.

cool skin tones —> go with cool shades. I kinda think in the case of cooler skin tone ANY shade looks good, it’s a matter of the effect you like best. Best example here is Rihanna, who I think has a cool skin tone and can pull off any hair color.

Emma Stone. She looks fantastic with just about any palette from red, to blonde to medium brown. No jet black. Actually few people can pull off jet black hair, so kudos to them.

haircolor-trend-blonde (4) haircolor-trend-blonde (7) brunettes-haircolor-trend-2015 (6) brunettes-haircolor-trend-2015 (5)

warm skin ones —> have to stick with warmer shades, regardless of color. The biggest mistake you can do in this case is choose a cold hair color that will do nothing for your features.

Best examples here are: Jennifer Lopez or Eva Mendes.

brunettes-haircolor-trend-2015 (3) blondes-haircolor-trend-2015 (4) blondes-haircolor-trend-2015 (8)

I have a warm skin tone and for me finding the perfect hair color (blonde, brown or even brunette) was always challenging. Having to find (read guess) the bloody warm undertone in each color is always so hard.  Missed a few times and it wasn’t pretty: a very cool/cold shade of chocolate. Horrible.

What to do? Wait for it to wash out, or dye it again a week after. Now… I always look for a bit of red in any hair color, cause I figure if it has a bit of red it’s bound to be warmer.

TIP: we should usually stick to 2 tones darker or lighter than our natural hair color, no more than that, or so they say.

I think if it looks great and you can pull it off, do it.

red-haircolor-looks (6) red-haircolor-looks (4)


Look at the veins on your wrists. If they’re blue —> you’re in the cool toned category. If they’re green —> you’re in the warm toned one.

Getting a new hair color is a fun thing, yet it can be so so tricky. So maybe going to the salon is a lot safer. ;)

And now let’s get hair-color inspired. Or more confused. :)


blonde-hair-trend-2015 blonde-hair blonde-haircolors blonde-hair-color-trend blondes-haircolor-trend blondes-versus-brunettes blondes-haircolor-trend-2015 (2) blondes-haircolor-trend-2015 (3) haircolor-trend-blonde (2) haircolor-trend-blonde blondes-haircolor-trend-2015 (6) haircolor-trend-blonde (6) haircolor-trend-blonde (5)


brunettes-haircolor-looks brunettes-haircolor-trend-2 brunettes-or-blondes brunettes-versus-blondes-ha brunettes-haircolor-looks (4) brunettes-haircolor-looks (3) brunettes-haircolor-looks (2) brunettes-haircolor-trend-2015 (4) brunettes-haircolor-looks haircolor-trend-brunette brunettes-haircolor-trend-2015 (2) brunettes-haircolor-trend-2015


red-haircolor-trend (5) red-haircolor-looks (3) red-hair-color-trend red-haircolor-looks (2) red-haircolor-looks (5) red-haircolor-looks (7) red-haircolor-looks red-haircolor-trend red-haircolor-trend (3) red-haircolor-trend (2) red-haircolor-trend (4)

What do you think?

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