Hair Trends: What’s Hot & What’s Not?

Today we’re talking about the hottest hair trends this fall is bringing us when it comes to hair colours. I’m plucking the latest hair styles and colors, straight from the runways and red carpets so that you can all look like stars in the season ahead.

Best shades for this fall

Freshly out of hair color ideas for this season? No problem, we’ll get that inspiration going, whether you’re into an all-over dye, subtle highlights or simply ombre. We’ll cover everything, from glossy chocolate brown Jourdan Dunn is currently flaunting, to chic honey highlights, property of Alexa Chunghair trends 2015 hair trends 2015 Let’s see the “right now” of hair colors:

Warm brown colors emerged as a pretty potent look this fall. That’s why we’re all witnessing the A-list crowd warming up deep browns and darkening their blonde. Cameron Diaz comes to mind as a perfect illustration. haircolor-trends-2015 (2) Rich auburn tones are a serious envy (anyone thinking of Emma Stone right now?), so are the blonde nailing celebs.

Platinum shade that’s January Jones rocking around is simply to die for. hairstyles-trends-2015 (23) hair trends 2015

If you’re in the mood for a little drama this fall, why not go a complete color change. Reese Witherspoon certainly pulled it off. She went from blonde to dark brown, and I loved it. If you’re going for an instant full look update, new hair hue is simply the perfect way to do it and get away with it. Just be careful and try to complement your eye color and skin tone with your new shade.

hair trends 2015 Bold colors have grown in popularity recently. Pioneers of these hair trends are certainly Nicole Richie and Chloe Norgaard. Their ‘dos are ever-changing, and I think they speak for themselves.

If you’re not completely sure which color is for you, you can always opt for a dye that’s semi-permanent, or go for an ombre look that’s a bit more subtle. Just print out the hair color of your favorite celebrity and head straight to your hairdresser. If you’re brave enough, you can try to do your hair dye yourself. I’ll admit first I wouldn’t muster the courage for this in a million years. nicole-blue-hair2 hair colors 2015 Let’s get specific! Let’s talk about the hair colors that seal the deal for us this season:

Red Hair

It’s sought after very highly, especially with Emma Stone being the worldwide favorite girl crush and simply dominating with her luscious auburn locks. As seen on many Hollywood bombshells, red hair carries some serious sex appeal and elegance. Look at Scarlet Johansson and her long layered haircut and tell me I’m wrong.

So whether your coppery locks are natural, or you’re considering the “out of the bottle option”, you can look at our stunning celebs for a plethora of ideas. The secret of the red hair’s beauty, putting extraordinary and unusual tones aside, is how much the make-up and complexion affect the overall look.

More so, red purple hair is having its moment for a while now, so if the fiery locks are your thing you can certainly continue to rock this statement colour.
hairstyles-trends-2015 hairstyles-trends-2015 (14) hair trends 2015 Christina Hendricks will keep her porcelain complexion tan-free and natural, with a slick of red lipstick to make her a wow-worthy sight. Isla Fisher will match her dark red hair with a warmer skin tone for the overall more sunned appearance. hair trends 2015 hair trends 2015

Brown Hair

It’s a tempting choice to embrace the dark side seeing Emma Watson, Alexa Chung and Mila Kunis with their dark brown shades that are more than lust-worthy. Inspiration is abundant.

You can go for the deepest ebony or the warmest mocha, au naturel or dip dye, the most stunning dark brown shades are yours to explore. Emma Watson carries long, glossy locks in very chic updos for her red carpet events. Alexa Chung still rules when it come to brunette beadhead, and straight and shiny goes well with Mila Kunis. Short crops, glamorous undo or be achy waves are the styles to go for, depending on the occasion. hairstyles-trends-2015 (4) hairstyles-trends-2015 (16) hairstyles-trends-2015 (20) hair trends 2015 hair trends 2015 hair trends 2015 hair trends 2015

Blonde Hair

Well, blonde hair is a hair trends favourite (who would’ve guessed, right?). There’s a bunch of ideas among our celebrities and models to go around. Light or dark blonde, all-out platinum, you name it. Ombre uplights are a strong trend right now, and they are here to stay. Especially with Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba modeling some warmer, honey blonde shades.

Ombre lights are excellent for darker shades; they add texture and depth, simultaneously resulting in dark caramel shade, only without the issues with re-growth of the dark root. haircolor-trends-2015 (3) Natural blondes might want to take cues from models such as Jessica Hart or May Jagger. They should opt for a dirty blonde appearance with a bed head look to it. You’ll achieve this by weaving the softer highlights among the darker tones that look more natural. You should wear these long, loose and with a lot of treatment that will ensure the required freshness and glossiness of your blond hair. Platinum blonde is a “notice me” color as always. You could go for champagne-hued tresses like Carey Mulligan or with textured blonde crop like Jenifer Lawrence. Caramel blonde or ultra ash, I’m sure you’ll manage to find something among all those models and celebrities. hairstyles-trends-2015 (12) hairstyles-trends-2015 (21) hairstyles-trends-2015 (25) honey-blonde-platinum-hair-trend-2015 hair trends 2015 Talking styles. Let’s get through some hot styles this fall really quickly:

Short Hairstyles

They’re certainly having their moment this fall. We’re talking chic bobs, cool crops, the bold quiff and of course the mid-length. short-and-medium-hair-trends-for-2015

Bob Hairstyles

They are a big look for this season, especially considering the previous point about shorter styles being definitely in. Casual benefits and low-maintenance styles are taking place of swept-over curls and long bed heads. This is tricky one so be careful with this one if you are trying to get there on your own, make sure that you don’t make a mess of your hair -choose the good stuff, especially pay attention and choose the best hair straightener that’s within your budget.

hairstyles-trends-2015 (10) hairstyles-trends-2015 (5) hairstyles-trends-2015 (19) Plaits

Favorite on the red carpet right now. Whatever your face shape or preferred style is, you’ll find this look more than appealing. haircolor-trends-2015 (4) hairstyles-trends-2015 (6) hairstyles-trends-2015 (13) plaits-harstyle-2015

Medium Length Hairstyles

They are definitely the cut of this season. They’re taking over the longer, glamorous styles due to their low-maintenance and practicality. haircolor-trends-2015 hairstyles-trends-2015 (9) hairstyles-trends-2015 (8) hairstyles-trends-2015 (15)


It’s an easy yet modern way out of your everyday style. You don’t feel like full-on chop and you still want a change, this is your golden ticket. Plus, it works well with all hair lengths. hairstyles-trends-2015 (3) hairstyles-trends-2015 hair trends 2015 There we have it girls. You know what’s coming with the fall, besides cooler weather. Be brave and make this season count!

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Post & hair tips by Mila Withley – fellow blogger & hair guru from Hair Straightner Judge Blog