Shopping For: ‘Candy’ SNEAKERS

It’s like saying I eat to lose weight right? Great, I just had breakfast and now I’m dreaming sweets. Just fantastic. But it’s true – every goddamn sneaker these days looks like the most delicious piece of candy you’ve ever had. The billions of neon colours, those pastel muted pinks, blues, and greens, they literally make you wanna get up, hit the gym, and suck on the best candy at the same time. The irony huh?

Or, they look like ice-creams. I’m telling you… I sense a cheat day today, sweets and all.

So my routine almost every Saturday morning is made up of what I post on Instagram and online shopping or browsing for things I need or I don’t need. My #1 crush right now has to do with workout and all the things we need to look great when we go to the gym.

Yeah, you can roll your eyes now, I totally feel you. I am full of contradictions today I know, I can barely live with myself as well, but listen: I used to be one of those women who went to gym class in whatever clothes were clean. Yes, that sometimes meant a t-shirt I’d slept in a few nights ago. I couldn’t really give a fuck whatever or not I looked geared up for gym. I did my job in there, done my squats, lift the weights and that’s it.

A year after this journey began for me, I decided for obvious reasons (I ran out of worn out clothes) to buy some new gym outfits. And there it was: a world of beautiful colours, and perfect gym bra tops, and sexy leggings, and candy looking sneakers. I mean, 1) I’m a girly girl through and through, 2) I’m a fashion lover, and 3) I love to workout – so why not give in into all this?!

Yesterday that my gym pal was telling me she’d love a pair of new green neon sneakers, and that I should stick to my pink theme. Yeah, the talks we have sometimes. So we started the sneakers debate and wish-lists. Hence today’s post.

Last weekend I was sharing with you my gym outfits picks, and today I’m having a major sneakers moment. Bright colours, neons, and all. My fave are Nike. Hands down.

My sneakers picks below. Scroll and click on image to buy.


Have the best weekend ever. And have the damn cake.