White Gold vs Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold: Picking The Right Gold Jewellery For Your Wedding Ring

When it comes to weddings… after the party, and the dress, and the flowers, one of the biggest what-to-choose questions is about gold jewellery for wedding rings, and which style to choose. It’s gotta fit you both, it has to be classy with a hint of edge, elegance, dainty… depending on your style as a couple. What metal do we choose? What style ring do we go for? Gold is a pretty popular choice for wedding rings and for good reason, elegance, glam, class and hypoallergenic metal. (as a person who’s allergic to certain metals, hello moi! *this* is major). Gold has historically been considered a precious commodity by ancient cultures isolated from one another. And tbh it is a valuable jewellery so it does stand the test of time not just beauty and sentimentality wise, but also financial wise. (*yeah leave it to me to kill the romantic vibe of the moment.)

Throughout time jewellers were able to create unique-looking metal alloys by mixing and plating gold with a variety of different other metals, hence the 3 types of gold: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Let’s see what jewellery looks like in each style and which one is the right choice for your wedding ring.


White Gold

This is a gold alloy that has a silvery sheen. It’s made by mixing gold and white metals such as nickel or silver. To give it a silvery gleam, the alloy is then coated with rhodium.


  • Resembles the luxurious look and feel of platinum
  • Significantly more affordable than platinum
  • Re-plating the rhodium coating makes it look brand new


  • It’s not hypoallergenic if it contains nickel
  • The rhodium coating needs to be re-plated once every year

Yellow Gold

This is a gold alloy that has the golden appearance of pure gold but it’s actually mixed with other non-precious metals. The price of yellow gold wedding rings and other jewelry items usually depends on the percentage of gold. For example, 18K yellow gold has 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. These metals usually are copper or zinc.


  • Yellow gold is hypoallergenic unless it contains high amounts of nickel
  • Closely resembles the luxurious golden appearance of pure 24k gold
  • The golden sheen of the metal goes really well with diamond and other gemstones


  • They are susceptible to scratches and dents
  • Requires occasional polishing to restore its original shine

Rose Gold

Perhaps the most exciting of the three gold alloys, rose gold has a unique reddish hue that’s unmatched by any other metals. To achieve this rosy red color, jewelers mix pure gold with copper. Higher the percentage of copper more pronounced the redness of the shade. Rose gold wedding rings and jewelry have steadily grown in popularity and they pair really well with diamonds, peridots, and fire opals.


  • They have a unique color that appeals to both men and women
  • More durable compared to the other two gold alloys
  • Significantly more affordable than other gold alloys because copper is cheap


  • It’s not hypoallergenic because some people have copper allergies

As a massive jewellery lover when it comes to precious gems and stones I’m such a diamond and gold lover. *fixes crown For wedding rings and everyday use I adore yellow goldIt’s a personal choice because i love how it looks against my skin tone, and because it really stands the test of time beauty classic and money wise. While I love to play dress up with loads of jewellery I always have one or two classic gold necklaces on, and my white and yellow gold wedding ring.

What about you: what’s your go to gold choice?

xoxo D.