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Good-Bye Long Sleeves, Hello Long Leather GLOVES!

long-gloves-2-14-winter-trendWhile all gloves are making their big debut this fall, truth is, long gloves & some more of that 50s reminiscence sounds pretty good. Actually in the midst of the ongoing NYFW SS 2014 collections, as we speak, the proper feminine ultra seductive 50’s are quite the reference point for next summer. So why not start right away? We did say this fall comes with punk reinvented and reshaped in all forms and sizes, 50’s inspo included (hello, Vivienne Westwood). So yes, in all this sometimes-too-hectic trend report business for 2013 Fall, The Gloves Look is big! They do say the Devil is in the details, and it’s always at the dawn of these street styles courtesy of FWs that we get such a crave to perfect the craft of detailing. With this hunger in my pocket (Tommy Ton, I blame you!) I dug and dug in this dirty ol’fashion bitchness, whom you could never rely on for constancy and found such a pretty little style goldmine for us girls, for this cold season – The GLOVES! In all shapes, sizes and lengths, with the-above-the elbow-styles worth doing over and over again, but without ditching the classic gloves just yet. Why not? colored-gloves-streetstyleWell because classic they’re not. They’re fun, edgy, sophisticated, in black or nude, or the crazy hues and colors that make any outfit chic. With studs, spikes, beads, prints, super short, tight, long or loose, 2013 Fall Gloves are to die for. Faux-pas may not be a word on my list, and I do hate any rules, be it fashion or whatever… but, I will reconsider my rebellious position when discussing gloves DO’s and DON’T’s. Just cause when wearing gloves there is a tiny style unwritten code, that guarantees getting it right. Throwing on piles of details and allowing yourself to get all moody with god knows what uber trendy pieces, alongside your new gloves, could just be the worst thing you do. autumn-look-gloves-2013]The gloves look is about taking it up a notch in femininity and sophistication, but that does not imply fragility or excessive prudence, despite the extra covering-up. Au contraire, gloves define sensuality and sexuality and they can go hand in hand with the BDSM trend, or they can remain in this polished zone, urging us to channel our Marilyn Monroe persona, with a slight edge and rebelliousness to it all. Having said that, when doing the Gloves Look I think there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • stick to a style, clashing & effortless can be a bit tricky
  • stick to leather gloves
  • avoid long boots with long gloves, you might end up looking like a fashion victim version of D’Artagnan
  • play with vibrant colors to spice up a dull outfit
  • wear long leather gloves with short sleeves or cropped coat sleeves
  • remember all leather gloves styles are in

Designers’ Gloves Looks for 2013 Fall gloves-trend-nyfw-fall-2013long-leather-gloveslong-leather-gloves-2013-autumn-trendrunway-look-glovestemperley-london-fall-2013cStreet Style Inspiration autumn-look-2013-glovesbright-gloves-looklong-leather-brown-glovesgloves-lookgloves-looks-streetstylegloves-look-streetstylegloves-trend-2013gloves-trend-2013-fallgloves-trend-fall-2013-streetstylegreen-gloves-2013long-leather-gloves-trend-streetstylelong-leather-gloves-trend-street-stylelong-nude-leather-gloves-trendpurple leather gloves-street-stylered-long-gloves-styleretro-look-long-gloves-trendstreet-style-glovesstreet-style-gloves-2013street-style-gloves-2013-fall-trendstreet-style-gloves-lookstreet-style-leather-glovestrend-2013-gloves-styleturquoise-gloves-look-fall-2013zac_posen-gloves-street style-fall-2013-trendWhat I love about this trend is that you can adapt it to so many looks and moods, while staying warm and adding femininity to an otherwise plain or quite masculine outfit. I rarely gave a crap about gloves & never quite saw their fashion potential. I know I have a whole history to prove me the contrary, and by professing my lack of gloves-interest I only state my ignorance, yet it’s all for a higher purpose: stressing out how we can change and grow to learn & do better. QED. Now I adore gloves (especially long ones) and I’ll make up for those glove-less years big time this fall. My mind is set on Long Gloves that replace long sleeves, over which I’ll throw a statement ring or bracelet. Hmm… I might just trade my Punk obsession for the 50’s retro thing… Or maybe not. We don’t need another Dita Von Teese now, do we?