Glastonbury 2013: What To Wear To Music Festivals?

glastonbury-2013-wellies-stylesSeems like it came and it went in a heartbeat with the biggest music highlight ever living up beyond its reputation and expectation. YES the Rolling Stones played this year and it was reported to have been their best show ever. Well… all of us who missed it are probably biting our nails off on this one, and making yet another promise to cross Glastonbury off our bucket lists. I know I do. So what is it about music festivals that has us all turning from a glamour puss into a cool looking hipster? Glastonbury is the most awaited for music event of the year and the biggest in the world, with every band and musician dying to play there and every music lover having to be there. Is the Glastonbury experience so liberating and fun that we’re just dying to get down with dirt literally? Mud covered wellies, sinking in dirt tents, constant swings from buzzed-drunk-hangover states of minds and spirit, aside – and it’s all worth it, just have have a blast and jump around on Arctic Monkeys or drink your brain off as Beady Eye and Mr. Liam Gallagher and his cool swag are opening the festival. Yep they played and broke yet another promise this year of never playing there again. Yeah right. Rolling-Stones-at-Glastonbury-Festival-2013glastonbury-2013-dr-greenLiam-Gallagher-at-Glastonbury-2013-lookGlastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 2glastonbury-2013-artic-monkeysWhen it comes to music festivals’ fashion is there a dressing code? Could we talk fashion when talking Glastonbury? DOH. We do it for Coachella, its sister from across the pond, so we have to look into this one as well. Any differences? Errrr… constant showers, colder temperatures, and… oh yeah… the famous mud people are basically covered in by the end of the event. What to wear: wellies and knee-high socks in the craziest colors without paying any attention to fashion rules, because let’s face it: it looks better like that. Not giving a fuck how you look is actually the key to looking great at Glastonbury. And the wellies go with anything: flirty little floral dresses, or maxi ones that you don’t mind sweeping the mud with, or skirts and cool tops for a girly boho-chic style. Short shorts or even knickers if we’re to remember Kate Moss a few years ago, with slouchy sweaters or t-shirts printed with rude texts or your fave artist/band. Or if in doubt stick to the staples: leather & denim. And you could squeeze some lace in there too :) Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 3glastonbury-2013-fashionglastonbury-2013-sienna-miller-styleglastonbury-2013-street-styleMust-haves? Shades – the craziest the better. Hats or baseball caps – for a bohemian or urban style. Accessories – tons of bracelets or a pile of necklaces. And the rain coats! You got to have them. streetstyle-hats-glastonbury-2013cara-delevingne-2013-glastonbury-styleGlastonbury festival 2013Glastonbury Music Festival 1998Bare legs will always be a trend at music festivals, alongside the drink in your hand. glastonbury-2013-bip-lingstreet-style-denim-glastonbury-2013What I love most about Glastonbury street style is the fact that no one seems to care about fashion and yet they all look wicked, these little hipster kids who all just wanna feel comfortable parting and listening to music. So it makes it all right to wear whatever you love and rock any style from rock, punk, edgy, to boho or sexy. Yeah you heard me. If you’re too in love with uber hot styles, don’t ditch it for music festivals, work it girl. One rule: express yourself, get creative and don’t give a damn. Carey-Mulligan-look-glastonbury-2013glastonbury-2013-couplesflorence-welch-look-glastonbury-2013Kate Moss At Glastonbury Festival 2013Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 3Glastonbury festival 2013Throwback Glastonbury Fashion: street-style-music-festivalGlastonbury Music Festival 2005 - Day 1KATE MOSS AND PETE DOHERTY IN THE MUD AT GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, SOMERSET. 2005Glastonbury Festival 2008 Day 2music-festivalsAll this music festival talk has got me thinking – is there an age limit to letting our hair down at such events and burning steam on buzzed moods as our fave band is playing? Are you scared of being pigeonholed or labeled ridiculous? Or are you a constant member of such events and covet all great music concerts? ‘With summer here (the season of music festivals) you couldn’t escape one if you wanted’ implied a friend of mine who does not like such events, to say the least, arguing we might be a little too old for this shit. And I wonder is it the fear of being seen outside office in a rather loose mood and state of mind, or is it a genuine dislike in all this? Cause let me tell you, if you need a few pep talks and OK references (though you should never imitate, but just saying for the sake of the argument), just have a look at the famous faces attending Glastonbury and other music festivals. If Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Carrey Mulligan, Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, Cara Delevingne and others are up for trading their glamorous personas for the rebel kid inside, with no fear whatsoever of the inherent labels (that are only used by lazy minded little people anyway), than I think one might be OK to have fun at such events. Perhaps the heroine look is way back in the ’90’s and it really is not posh to act 15 when you’re going on 40 – so keeping this in mind… if you have a young spirit and enjoy the rockandroll experience with your husband and friends don’t let nothing hold you back. It’s such a cliche I know… but you do only live once :)

What do you think? Have you been to Glastonbury and if so how was it?