Why Wearing Glasses Is So Great?

… to quote Nicole Richie on this one: ‘Cause you look smarter.’ Doh. ‘Look’ being the key word here. I said it before and I’ll say it again – eyewear is so on trend these past years, as if it’s trying to make up big time for all those years it was a complete geek-ish attire, sans le chic.

It’s such a trendy accessory these days that you don’t even have to be blind as a bat to wear them. Yes, people with perfect vision have been known to wear glasses solely for the sartorial purpose. Whaaaaaaaaa? Me? Well… I have to wear them so that I get on the right bus to wherever I’m going, so that I can recognise people on the street, so that I can watch a film at the cinema. No. Sitting front row does not help.

trendy-eyewear-look-glasses-shop-1 wayfarer-cateye-eyewear-style-glasses-shop-5

The only time I’m ditching my posh eyewear is when I’m just too drunk to care. So, yeah, basically one every other weekend. BUT, the best part about wearing glasses right now is that besides appearing smarter and people actually listening to me, they go so hand in hand with my persona and my style.

And I LOVE black thick rimmed eyewear. To me they are the definition of geek-chic, and I ain’t afraid to rock this shit now. Years have been kind on my self-esteem.

wayfarer-cateye-eyewear-style-glasses-shop-8 wayfarer-cateye-eyewear-style-glasses-shop-6

If you’re in the-blind-as-a-bat-team you probably know that there is no such thing as too many pairs of glasses. So, of course I was ecstatic when Glasses Shop gifted me with a BEAUTIFUL pair of eyewear that I’ve been wearing round the clock since Friday.

They have tons of really really trendy and affordable eyewear and sunglasses designs, from classic to fashion forward, to wayfarers, to cat-eye styles, in various colours and shapes. Their shop is a MUST-SEE, so click on the above link, to check it out.


WHY I LOVE THEM? Every design comes with a free prescription if you need it, discounts and the quality is incredible.

I’m wearing the ONEIDA WAYFARERS in Black

  • The rims are so sleek and a perfect fit. So yes, those measurements are real and spot on, so make sure you do measure your face and old sunglasses to compare to whatever pair you wanna get.
  • You really get what you see online. Actually better. I’ve shopped for online eyewear before and I did get great pairs but never quite what I was excepting. They were either too big or too small.
  • These look incredibly posh and expensive and the shape I got is classic wayfarer with a slight-cat-eye twist. Just to spice things up a bit you know. 50s alert. :)
  • They have a protective case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and anti-scratch coating. Oh, and they make me feel like I’m this famous writer slash sophisticated fashion editor with a penchant for all things glamour-ghetto-sporty.

trendy-eyewear-look-glasses-shop-2 trendy-eyewear-look-glasses-shop-3

I am telling you I’m in love with them. So shooting a few pics was such a piece of cake, cause I couldn’t care less what I was wearing (hence the boyfriend t-shirt, sneakers and vintage coat), since I had my new wayfarer cat eye glasses on. Besides, I made it a day with my friend and wonderful and talented fellow blogger & photographer Anca from The Casual Cat.

Fun, but freezing photo-shot, where I got to be a photographer as well, shooting her style post pics – can I het a mass high five? -, and then ending things up with delicious deserts and selfies. Perfect Sunday.

With my new eyewear, my vision in perfect shape and style, I got my game back on. You’d think I can see beyond eye-friendly things  now… And you know what? I can. And I do. Cause nobody fools a woman with superpower vision? #justsaying

And now the pics. Thank you Anca!

trendy-eyewear-blogger-style-glasses-shop-1 trendy-eyewear-blogger-style-glasses-shop-2 trendy-eyewear-blogger-style-glasses-shop-3 trendy-eyewear-blogger-style-glasses-shop-4 wayfarer-cateye-eyewear-style-glasses-shop-7 wayfarer-cateye-eyewear-style-glasses-shop-2

Get the look – Glasses Shop: Oneida Wayfarer – Black 

Photos by Anca Varsandan: blogger The Casual Cat