What Happens When ‘Bambie’ Meets Furry Clutch?

Yes, go on and read that title again. No, I am not drunk. And no this is not a fairytale story. Before you go all wtf on me right now, let me tell you this: the encounter was fantastic.

Not any less weird?

Bambie – the half sibling of Bambie & Butler UK fashion brand – once had a major crush on all furry & leather things. Also a penchant for great fashion and brilliant designs. I mean, did you see their clutches? So… later on they met me – a mere sartorial mortal at FashionTag – and we all were smitten with each other. Well… I with them and their furry clutches. #storyofmylifeLOL


So you can imagine the extent of my excitement when they gifted me with the clutch I’m wearing in this style post. It’s called Mademoiselle de Clermont and you can see & shop it here.

Like, seriously! Fur. Leather. Clutch. I am so in. It’s the sweetest and cutest thing in the whole world, and though it’s rather tiny it carries with great style all which us gals need to have: phones, cards, money, lipstick, gloss… you get the idea. So yeah, maybe I can’t carry my whole damn life in it, but who the hell needs to really. Not when it looks sooooo cute and stylish.


Being a bit of a procrastinator it took me a while to put together an outfit, shoot the pics and make it an outfit/sartorial day. I may be a procrastinator OK, but if it wasn’t one thing, it was another I swear. Had to fight the bad weather, the lack of photographer, finding a proper camera, a new photographer, flexing my schedule to fit everyone else’s…, fighting with my new-found-photographer (read husband) on HOW the photos should be taken. Oh… and having prolonged hangoverS. From the weekend you know.

In the end everything turned out great courtesy of everyone who helps me out and puts up with my moody fashionable ass. Oh, did I say I was moody?


One thing was great though. The clutch. SIGH. Something about this clutch made me think of retro-sophisticated decors, with dim lights, champainge glasses, bare legs, silky dresses, fur coats and extpensive lipstick. Due to having all-day meetings I chose a casual but kinda smart outfit. You can never go wrong with leather pants and cut-out boots. And of course my sunglasses. Always have your shades with you.


And guess what? Although it was such a busy long day, I LOVED carrying my furry tiny clutch everywhere. It made me feel pretty, put-together, stylish, and kinda sexy grabbing onto it, or carrying it under my arm. Perfection!

Not to mention the luck it brought me that day. I conquered the world. Well… not really, as I am no freaking Cleopatra, but I wasn’t far from it either. Conquering my world. Not being Cleopatra. ;)


Why I am now loving BAMBIE & BUTLER? The quality of their clutches is amazing. Real fur and leather perfectly stitched together, easy to style, affordable, shipping was fast and the team over there so nice. A new brand to definitely be on the lookout for!

And now the pics…

sunglasses-furry-clutch-outfit streetstyle-clutch furry-bags fur-clutch fur-clutch-style fashiontag-style-fur-clutch-bambieandbutler.jpg fashiontag-style-fur-clutch-bambieandbutler fashiontag-look-fur-clutch fur-clutch clutch-look-bambie-and-butler blogger-look-fur-clutch small-clutch-look street-style-furry-clutch

I don’t know about you but as one of my friends said to me, if I ever need a stylish pillow in public (cause you know you get tired from being so fabulous. Please laugh now. Thank you .), all I have to do is take a nap on this soft perfect clutch. Aaaaand in case you’re a softie at heart who treats her bags like tiny humans, also now that Mademoiselle de Clermont must be the happiest bitch out there. She’s wearing fur for God’s sake!