Cotton Candy. White Skirt. End Of Summer.

Wiping my tears off and mending a broken heart is what I’m doing these days. Why the drama you may ask? It’s the end of summer people – officially –  and I don’t think I’m ready to face the blizzard yet. Not to mention I’d kill for a cotton candy right now, and it’s only 10 am. I am pretty fucked up, up there. Regardless, life goes on, with or without pink cotton candies, and sweaty heat. There’s beauty in autumn weather, and rain, and cold, and grey skies. I just can’t see it, but it don’t mean it’s not there. I am the problem, not the rest of the world. Or so I keep hearing. Yeah…

So, to add more insult to injury I was thinking to rub it in your faces this cold weather, and share with you today my post from last week’s photoshoot with my girl. It was still summer people. And we had cotton candy, in all the possible colours, took selfies, Instagramed, laughed our asses off, while the rest of the ordinary people were probably left with their ‘wtf’ reactions at these two deranged girls, way past their teens, but acting way younger. We’re not even trying to pretend at this point. It is what it is.

A total chaos. Beautiful nonetheless.

Funny you should say that. Much like my look actually. When CHOIES – the clothing brand I always team up with – send me this white full midi skirt my sartorial brain was invaded by the amount of styles this beautiful white skirt can translate to. I could have done everything with it. ANY possible look: office, evening, glam, sporty, casual, summer’ish. You name it. If this skirt has got one thing, it’s versatility.

Also, the fabric is incredible. It does tend to wrinkle a little bit, but it’s soft, it dances around you, it’s silky sans being pretentious. It looks rich, expensive and sophisticated. And I love that.

dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-15 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-28 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-32

Being a bit of a mess myself, with a tad inability to make up my mind – in general – I wore this skirt with a bit of everything. White sneakers, navy inspired t-shirt, gangsta-glam earrings, bold lips, and to make things even more confusing I ate cotton candy and let my childish persona run around like a crazy kid while doing all this.

THIS was literally one of my fave looks, and evenings well spent, and it taught me something. I am at that boring age now, when I tend to see more in everything and better myself with time. Much like wine. So… what I learned is to never have preconceived ideas about nothing. Not even a full midi skirt. Now don’t you roll those pretty eyes at me. I can’t stand full skirts ON ME. Being tall I always thought they made me look too matronly, too big, too pretentious. You get it. Welllllllllll… you see I kinda, sorta, might have reconsidered this. I felt pretty good and pretty pretty in this white cloudy full midi skirt. Thank you very much.

If you like… you can buy it here – WHITE FULL SKIRT | Choies 

I will leave you now with the photos from the cotton candy evening adventure, and I hope you enjoy them.


full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-1 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-2 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-3 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-4 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-7 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-8 dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-9 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-11-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-12 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-13-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-17 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-19 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-20 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-21 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-23-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-24-dana-cristina-straut full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-26 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-30 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-31 dana-cristina-straut-full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-33 full-midi-skirt-thefashiontag-full-midi-skirt-34

Get the look here: white skirt | CHOIES 

Photos by the wonderful Florina Ciupertea. You can now follow her on Instagram – @florinaciupertea

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!