Fashion…Coming & Going! Time Of The FRINGES. Again.

Article by Ghintare Survilaite

The history of fringed clothes goes back in time to the ancient tribes who used to wear fringes in order to sew up a busted moccasin, a torn seam, or to tie things together when they were in the field. In fashion, the first track of fringes goes back to 1920′s, the Jazz Age, those roaring times famous for their Charleston, Ella Fitzgerald, bootlegging, looseness and total emancipation of women,  when girls who loved to dance used to wear embroidered or shawled dresses which made their moves look sexier. baker-style-fringes20s-style-fringesThen, when I was 10 my favorite t-shirt was fringed…as you know, fashion trends come and go and the summer of 2013 brings back this decorating detail. Designers are using them to garnish clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. You’ll see these elements a lot on leather items, in particular on jackets, bags or clutches and boots. fringes-lookfringed-clutchfringes-trend-summer-2013coachella-style-fringed-bagstreetstyle-fringed-bagfringed-skirt-street-styleMaybe it’s hard to imagine, but you can wear fringed shoes with an elegant outfit, either pumps or sandals. In terms of casual outfits, you’ll rock the summer if you chose to wear fringed boots and a pair of denim shorts. Trust me, with some nice tanned legs you won’t pass unnoticed ;) You can wear a white tank top or a loose white t-shirt or you could chose to wear an oversized shirt instead. fringes-boots-stylefringed-boots-streets-tylefringes-style-fashionYou don’t have a fringed clothing item and want to find out if this trend would match your personality? Then take an old t-shirt you are willing to throw away and test your skills, who knows what special abilities you’re hiding?

If you are a not a fan of this trend, you can still try a nice fringed necklace like the one in the picture bellow: Indian heritage meets style ;) accessories-lookphotos via Pintrest, Tumblr, Harpersbazaar