Fresher’s Guide: 10 Ways to Say ‘I’m Here’ Without Drawing Too Much Attention

University life is exciting and scary. You are finally free, but at the same time, you are in a new environment full of hundreds of strangers. Basically, making friends takes a little effort. 

Yes, there is a chance that potential friends will come your way, but you must also meet them halfway. So, engage in conversations with classmates, spend time in the company of new acquaintances, and participate in social life. Below, we’ve gathered more detailed tips on how to say “I’m here,” so read on!

Stay Proactive

Come to class before lectures start, say 10 minutes early, and you will have a chance to chat with your classmates. Start with small talk: discuss homework, a new literature topic, an inspiring teacher, or a dorm.

Say something like, “How did you write yesterday’s history text?” or “I heard that this teacher likes to assign essays every week!” Imagine that you have known your interlocutor for a long time and communicate as if you were old friends ‒ this will help break the ice.

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Invite Your Friends to Keep You Company

Are you going to the park to enjoy the sun and drink a cappuccino? Invite someone to join you: for example, drink coffee together, go to a party, or hit the gym. Don’t worry about looking desperate or miserable. You will surely find those who feel the same way ‒ chances are, they will take the initiative from you.

Why not have lunch, get ready for classes, or go to training together? This way, you can communicate despite your busy academic schedule.

Take Dale Carnegie’s Tips

Have you ever heard about the book named “How to Win Friends and Influence People”? Here is a list of recommendations on how to establish communication with any person:

  • Call the person by name;
  • Show a lively interest in others;
  • Smile ‒ that’s how you will look easy-going and approachable;
  • Be a good listener and encourage your interlocutors to talk about themselves;
  • Talk about topics that interest your interlocutor.

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Don’t Sit in the Dorm 24/7

Go to various events at the university, be it competitions, parties, or fairs. Why not attend a dance rehearsal or concert? At such events, you can meet many potential friends. In addition, the more you know about what’s going on at the university, the more topics you have to talk about with your fellow students.

Do Homework Outside the Dorm

Do your homework at the library, coffee shop, or park. Of course, it is better to prepare for exams in silence, but at other times, homework can be done in more crowded places. These are really cool places for networking.

Don’t Forget About Social Life

Find an activity that interests you: explore all the suitable variants on the university website or in the student council. Surely, various courses, sections, and clubs are open to meet new members. 

Choose an activity you enjoy and meet people who share your interests. Whether it’s studying Chinese, acting courses, a debate club, or a club for fans of Greek philosophy ‒ you will find something that you will like.

Another option is to suggest your own initiative. However, don’t overburden yourself with responsibilities. Don’t sign up for all the clubs; otherwise, you won’t have time to study.

Become a Member of a Sports Team

If you have some experience, you can easily become a member of a team that participates in competitions. Nothing strengthens people more than a joint desire for victory and common efforts. 

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer organizations function at almost any university, or you can also meet people who have become volunteers outside the school. This kind of work allows you to gain super valuable experience, upgrade plenty of skills, and broaden your horizons.

Monitor Your Body Language

Try to look friendly. When students are nervous or anxious, they often have the urge to stare at their smartphones to look busy. This way, you won’t get to know anyone. Another common problem is being in a closed position with arms and legs crossed.

Put your smartphone aside and use confident body language: smile, stand straight, and maintain eye contact with others. Even if you feel awkward, confident body language will help you feel more relaxed.

Find a More Social Friend

This life hack really works. Some students are shy, while others are the center of attention. Find at least one friend with outstanding communication skills and who knows how to spend time in a fun way. With such a person on your side, it will be easier for you to find new friends and socialize.

To Wrap It Up

Perhaps the main advice that unites all points of our guide is to always remain yourself. Many freshers try to change to fit other people’s views. But fake friendship won’t lead to anything good because then you will be surrounded by people with completely different values and goals.

Surely, you may not make great contacts overnight. This will take time, so be patient and believe in yourself!