thick-soled-shoes If you thought the fountain of those (perhaps already too redundant) 90’s has dried up, think again. It seems as though we’ve got a thing for this decade, and re-embrace way too quickly its fads, regardless of their ugliness.

Today we talk shoes. Shoes for 2014 Spring & Summer as both the runways and the streets are showing. Remember the creepers? (more on this style & its history here). With a first appearance in early 40’s, they had a more recent comeback in the 90’s, when girls were emulating the Spice Girls and the techno culture in those sky high platform shoes in wild colors, paired with tiny shorts or mini skirts, blue eye-shadow, and neon accents. 90s-flatforms Raise your hands if you wore them? I had a blue pair with black thick soles, about 5 cm high, and trust me, were I not so tall, I’d have gone way above and beyond with the platform. At this point, I’m quite glad I didn’t.

As the 90’s graced us with the return of so many trends, the FLATFORMS were the one fad I never saw coming back. After its frenzy has stopped I never saw their appeal: too bulky shoes that make you look ridiculous. Incredibly unflattering.

But as of last year or so (courtesy of street style and designers such as Alice & Olivia)… they creeped their way back in today’s fashion and my consideration. Fashionistas of all ages and styles chose the thick soled shoes over sneakers, high tops, oxfords, ballet flats, and even heels. flatforms-style flaetforms-streetstyle I guess the deal with flatforms is combining the height of a posh shoe, with the comfort of a sneaker, that is not a wedge. flatforms-look-2014 Flatforms are like those ugly-shoes-at-first-sight with a certain style to them that hooks you, or seduces you in time. They grow on you. Just yesterday I went sopping with my friend and tried on a pair of loafer flatforms from H&M, and loved them. She hated them completely; and not so completely after I tried them on.

“Aaaah. I guess they’re OK. Or maybe not. I don’t really like them.”, as opposed to “OMG, I totally hate those!”, from before I tried them on.

That was me a year ago as well. Now I’m like creepers & flatforms (not too high though) bring ’em on. 2014-spring-shoes-flatforms flatforms colored-flatforms I love the quirkiness and that weird 90’s vibe they give to a look, how they take away from the too-sexy look a pair of cutoffs & cropped top , or a very short dress may have, and give it a bit of Tom boy’ish vibe to it.

They have a bit of it all: sporty, casual, edgy, punk, professional, cool, weird, so playing dress up with these is a massive gain in styles. Especially since they come in trillions of designs: sandals, loafers, oxfords, with laces or not, colored, printed, different fabrics, different sole height. 2014-shoes-flatforms flatforms-look flatforms-trend (2) flatforms-trend-2014-spring-summer In terms of how to style them, they go with just about anything a basic sneaker or ballet flat goes with, their best match for spring & summer being short flirty dresses (think 90s style & today’s music festivals fashions), short skirts, cutoffs & shorts. More of a weekend/holiday look. how-to-wear-flatforms miley-cyrus-flatforms spring-trend-shoes-2014-flatforms street-style-flatforms-creepers flatforms-for-2014-spring flatforms-trend the-shoes-of-2014-summer-flatforms Some ladies fabulously pull the masculine look for the office. Think slim cut trousers, not too long (or rolled up), pencil skirts, or even midi dresses. I like it, when it’s balanced with feminine details like: long nails, red lips, accessories. It’s got a bit of awkward meets boho chic to it all. flatform-shoes-spring-2014 flatforms-look (2) flatform-shoes-look flatforms-street-style flatforms-trend-2014-spring how-to-style-flatform-shoes platforms-street-style street-style-flatforms-trend thick-soled-shoes-look thick-soles-street-style Personally I’m not to keen on the flatforms and super skinny jeans or midi skirts combo. But who knows. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d hate something right before loving it.

What do you think of this shoe trend?

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  1. Allen Dave says:

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  2. ghazalehk says:

    I love flats and I love height so hypothetically I should like this trend. But, it looks silly to me. I’m the same as you though, I’ve been known to change my mind on fashion trends!

  3. lucandrob says:

    I like the sandals, but the other shoes I dont know, the 90s remind me of my teen years, and I swore I never go back to that style hehe


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