As the coldest season approaches, the fashion world is getting ready to offer its customers a wide range of new proposals, trying to set brand new trends and – most of all – intercept the newest consumers’ tastes. If we examine the clothing sector, the situation is pretty “liquid”, as usual; which means that the consumers’ tastes are typically a miscellaneous of influences and styles, with a pinch of novelty and a lot (maybe more than a lot) of older trends’ recycling. But when it comes to footwear the state of the art seems to be pretty different, especially for what concerns the women’s shoes area.

In general terms, women are more decisive than men in terms of taste for clothing. Their outfits trace their personalities with extreme precision, and nothing is left to chance. Including their footwear. And regarding this winter their choices are already crystal clear: the coldest season will be dealt by them with sneakers on their feet.

On the other hand, it’s been several years now that sneakers are appreciated – and worn – by both men and women. 

Or rather, to put it all, during the last decades the most significant improvements on sneakers’ design and craftsmanship have been inspired by women’s fashion. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, if sneakers are currently the most desired footwear by female consumers, in particular the fanciest models. For many years now, the world of luxury shoes has incorporated the so-called street style inside its overall offer, and sneakers are the epitome of this acceptance.

That’s why sneakers are now able to define some general trends in the whole footwear global market. Here’s below five of the most significant ones that we are going to see in the upcoming winter.

  1. Vintage patterns. To be considered worthy of attention, a pair of women’s sneakers should remind closely to a notorious old model. Even their visual aspect must bring back the idea of an extremely outdated pair of shoes, like if their owner obstinately kept on wearing them (probably with no alternatives) for years.
  2. Bright colors. This may sound like a sort of unofficial tradition when it comes with female streetwear, something that is commonly shared and accepted despite not being an “official” dress code. Basically, dark colors belong to other styles (punk, metal, emo), while the brightest ones harmonize better with those that involve a massive use of sneakers.
  3. High top. Another must-have that female customers would never give up: women’s high top sneakers are exactly what the majority of them are looking for. That is to say a honest compromise between comfort and elegance. All it takes is just a simple ankle-wrapping top to give the impression of a sneaker turned into a boot, making the whole figure much slenderer.
  4. Glitters. Long story short: you can take a pair of high heels away from a woman, but you will never stop her from shining somehow. Glitters on sneakers, then? Well, the end justifies the means.
  5. Leather. As a material it’s not mandatory, yet it remains one of the favorite ones. What about the animal activists, the vegans and all those who fight against any kind of cruelty to animals? No worries: the eco-leather works as a perfect substitute.


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