Five unmissable Banana Moon items for the upcoming autumn

Since the very day of its launch as a company (in 1984), the California-based brand Banana Moon has always been one of the symbols of summer and beach vacations. A real epitome of the so-called California Style, through the decades the brand has spread all over the world its peculiar declination of a hyper-casual summer clothing. And its influence keeps on being among the strongest ones in this specific fashion area: just take a look at the company’s swimsuit and clothing website to be aware of it.

But for quite a few years now, Banana Moon has stopped being just a synonym of summer, surf culture and beachwear. Its “area of competence” grew larger and larger through the years, especially during the new millennium, up to and including categories of clothes never covered in the early decades of the brand’s life.

In fact, roaming through Banana Moon’s online catalogue, we can discover a remarkable number of items that have nothing to do with the hot season. Quite the opposite, they seem to be conceived for a wider marketing strategy, in order to fulfill the customers’ desire during the rest of the year. This way – or at least this seems to be the ultimate goal – Banana Moon is able to keep company to its clients twelve months a year, strengthening and consolidating their loyalty to the brand itself. Here’s below some significant examples.

  1. Coats

    Cozy, colorful, attractive. Coats are probably the crown jewel of Banana Moon’s autumn/winter collection. Typically, not too long, they maintain the brand’s usual informal approach. A whole series of bold color combinations, according to Banana Moon’s style, seem to assert the will to make winter as multicolored as summer, regardless of common taste. On the other hand, defying the conventions has always been one of the company’s core missions.

2. Sweaters

Another celebration of colors, but with one crucial difference. When it comes with sweaters, Banana Moon prefers to go for plain-colored items. And they’re all bright, vibrant colors: pink, orange, yellow, bright blue, fuchsia. The only concession to an extravaganza is represented by one of the most iconic Banana Moon articles not related to summer or beachwear in general: the notorious yellow sweater with a big pink heart in the middle, something strictly related to the naïve art movements with a few sprinkles of situationism. Just imagine to dress one of them during the next family Christmas lunch.

  1. Beanies

    How could the once neglected beanie become in just a few years the most appreciated and requested headgear among the new generations? Simple: thanks to items like those released by Banana Moon. A further proof that winter clothing doesn’t mean automatically gloomy colors.

4. Clutches

Carrying a heavy bag during the cold winter could be particularly stressful. That’s why Banana Moon has focused heavily on the clutches’ design, aiming to satisfy the desire of a woman to be as nimble as possible even when she has to wear heavy clothes and a thick coat.

5. Shawls

Another provocative proposal of the entire Banana Moon catalogue: rediscovering and relaunching one of the most retrograde and unfashionable garments ever made. The result is startling: a triumph of soft, warm colors and a touch of hippy culture for one of the most impressive collections of the brand.