The ever-slimming gap between faux fur and the real deal spells good news for environmentalists, customers, and the fashion industry. Big fashion powerhouses such as Gucci, Armani, and Givenchy have taken substantial steps towards picking faux over actual fur.

The popular argument that nothing compares to real fur also doesn’t hold much ground as faux fur coats and other fashion items offer the same degree of comfort and feel. In fact, nowadays, it takes a real fur expert to tell apart a fur coat from a high-quality faux fur coat.

Brands who embraced faux-fur

Gucci made their stance crystal clear when they showcased incredibly realistic faux fur coats in the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection. Michael Kors announced the discontinuation of all fur products this year and showcased a fur-free Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection. Calvin Klein was way ahead of its competitors in terms of making a positive shift. The fashion label moved away from fur as early as 1994. They haven’t changed their stance yet. Burberry, which is a fashion label known for using fox, rabbit, mink, and other types of animal fur announced their intent to phase out fur-made fashion wear completely. Armani went fur-free back in 2016. According to their statement given back then “technological progress” have enabled them to explore “valid alternatives.” Versace was big on fur back in 2006. All of that changed after a series of protests by PETA in the following years. Donatella Versace promised that the fashion label is going to “phase out all fur products” by 2019 in an Instagram post. Coach CEO Joshua Schulman announced their aim to go completely fur free, saying “it’s the right thing to do.” Even though only 1% of Coach’s product line uses fur, it displays the industry’s growing acceptance of faux furHugo Boss has an impressive line of faux fur jackets, coats, and designerwear. The fashion brand abandoned the use of fur in the fall of 2016.

8 Reasons to Make the Shift from Real to Faux Fur

If you have been on the edge, then the time to shift to faux fur is right now. Following are 8 practical reasons why the pro-fur movement is fast sinking and why you should jump ship immediately.

1.Faux Fur Is Every Bit as Good

Faux fur coats and fashion items have come a long way. Not until a few years ago coats were made with synthetic fibers that made them look tacky and like knock-offs of original fur products. Nowadays faux fur looks every bit as luxurious as fur and it offers the same degree of heat-retention and comfort. Long story short, you can now get the same comfort and style features without harming any animals.

2. You Can Do Without the Social Backlash

Whether you like to admit it or not, wearing fur can have social repercussions. Friends and family members who are involved in animal rights causes may not take your decision to wear fur as sportingly as you would expect. While there are fur advocates, their numbers are fast dwindling. In a world that’s increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious, the social stigma on wearing fur will continue to grow.

3. Big Brands Equal Better-Quality Products

Faux fur used to be a material used by knock-off brands to make cheap fashion wear. However, things have changed drastically. As listed in the above section, major fashion labels are shifting their focus on making faux fur jackets, shawls, vests, and other fashion items. Fur or no fur you can always rest assured that a Hugo Boss jacket or a Versace coat is always going to be comfortable and durable.

4. Faux Fur Coats are Much More Affordable

This one is obvious but something that cannot be ignored. For a typical price of a fur jacket or coat, you can probably buy a couple very good quality faux fur items of the same type. With no real advantages, it’s hard to justify the steeper price point of fur products anymore.

5. Let’s Not Forget the Environmental Impact

Keeping an eye on the big picture, the environmental impact and animal cruelty cannot be dismissed as trivial. From reducing poaching to preserving natural environments, your move to faux fur comes with many environmental benefits.

6. Wearing Fur is No Longer Fashionable

Barring a few, most celebrities and fashion icons have openly spoken against fur. The list of celebrities against wearing fur items includes everyone from Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus to Charlize Theron. If that wasn’t enough, many fashion models openly refuse to wear fur for photoshoots and ramp walks. Among the many instances, Australian model Ruby Jean Wilson famously walked out of a shoot back in 2016 when she learned she had to wear fur. 

7. Faux Fur Is Much Easier to Maintain

Actual fur products demand a significant amount of maintenance effort. For starters, fur coats need to be hung in a certain way so there is always a flow of air. Expensive fur coats demand the attention of specialized laundry services and cleaning products. However, when it comes to cleaning a faux fur coat, you can simply toss the item inside a washing machine for a quick spin and dry it like any other clothes.

8. Wider Color Options for Designers

The faux fur material is available in a range of different color options. Want a purple fur jacket? You can get one if you choose faux fur. Armed with a wider range color palate designers can now combine vibrant colors to create never-before-seen fur coat designs.


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