If you want to have your photos  featured in a fashion magazine’s Media Pack & 1st issue with all the credits, name  & contact details please send an email of your work to fashiontagblog@gmail.com. We’d be thrilled to work with talented & up and coming artists. We are currently working on a project that will imply the publishing of a fashion magazine, and among many other tasks we need to put together a Media Pack for the magazine, and thus we need some great HI RES photos to be included in the MediaPack. All photographers will be credited with name, website & contact details and FashionTag blog will write an article on all the photographers we collaborate with, presenting their works, portfolio & bios. This is an opportunity for long/short term collaborations!

What We Need & Are Looking For!

High Resolution photos of 300 DPI of: fashion & style; make-up & beautyfood & drinkscityscapesbooks.

Photos must be edgy, trendy, stylish and appropriate for a fashion magazine. We are looking for talent & originality. Best photos may alsi be published in the 1st issue of the magazine. We are looking for talented, fun, and hard working photographers who want to get out there, make a name for themselves and be part of a young creative team!

Those of you who are interested please submit your photos to: fashiontagblog@gmail.com. 

Thank you & looking forward to all your emails.


Dana Crisitna


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    • Dana Cristina says:

      Hopefully:) I’d so wish to be able to put my whole focus into just the blog. Maybe one day:) Thanks for the support. Also if you know any photographers interested to share some photos and be credited that’d be great:) xoxo


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