5 Timeless Fashion Tips For Young Women

As a young woman, fashion becomes a necessity. Whether looking for a job, going to a family function, or attending a career event, the young modern woman must have a wardrobe made up of some essential tools for important daily trials. There are, however, some pieces that never go out of style and match up in many different ways. Here are some timeless fashion tips that will help any young woman navigate her daily style:


#1: A Pair of Riding Boots

A pair of equestrian-style riding boots will get you a long way. These boots should be a good quality pair. However, because they are often made of leather and don’t have high heels (no more than 2″) will last forever if they are taken care of well. Additionally, riding boots go well with pants, dresses, and skirts, and can be worn with jeans for a casual function, or under dress pants to a job interview. In a stitch, riding boots can be quite the life-saviour and has the bonus of being comfortable and sensible. While there are many different boot styles that go in and out of style, a pair of black riding boots have been a timeless fashion option for decades and will continue to be one for a long time. 

#2: A Matching Blazer/Skirt or Pantsuit

If there’s one timeless piece to keep in your closet, it’s a pantsuit. We’ve all had that one job interview that pops up at the last minute; you don’t want to be caught with nothing to wear. A pantsuit is an essential tool to keep in your closet for emergencies, but also can be mixed and matched. If you choose to opt for a skirt and blazer instead of a pantsuit, you can use the skirt and blazer each on their own.

A blazer can look great with different colour dress pants as well as jeans. Additionally, a pencil skirt can be worn out to dinner or to a big business meeting. A nice suit will be super flattering and will mix with pretty much anything you own. When you purchase the suit, check to make sure that the blazer right at the hip and the pencil skirt falls right below your knees. While a shorter style might be trendier, a blazer and skirt that fit right will last forever. 

#3: The Little Black Dress

Another timeless fashion tips is to own a little black dress; you probably know what we are talking about. Many people think that the little black dress (LBD) is overrated. In actuality, an LBD may be just the thing you need to save you from having nothing to wear to that cocktail party that your co-worker just invited you to.

While the silhouette has changed over the years, the LBD continues to remain an essential wardrobe piece since the 1920s. Try going to an A-line skirted dress or a dress mirroring a pencil skirt; these options will likely stay in fashion much longer than a trendier piece, such as a high-lo dress. 

#4: The Cozy Bathrobe

Another timeless fashion are the spa robes. A spa robe will be a great choice for lazing around on a Sunday, for having friends overnight, or even for just jumping out of the shower. Spa robes never go out of style and often come in soft and fluffy materials, like cotton and satin.  There are many quality spa robes for her which you can choose from.

#5: A Basic White Tee

While T-shirts may not be your idea of fashion, the white tee has come a long way. It may seem like a white t-shirt never changes. In some ways, they haven’t. However, higher quality shirts can be comfortable, soft, and durable. Plus, technology has given us the ability to make a T-shirt that isn’t stiff, but doesn’t wear out a few days later. White T-shirts don’t have a set time or place–you can wear them to work with your blazer and your hair up in a clip, or you can style one with a pair of jeans and black pumps. 

There are some great timeless fashion tips that can help you build a great wardrobe. Try purchasing some of these items above so that you will never be caught wondering what to wear or what to do.

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