11 Fashion Tips For Sweaty People

Are you someone who sweats excessively? Does the wonderful summer season bring a set of wardrobe regrets, sweat stains, and panic? 

Well, my friend, I understand your woes. For those of us who perspire excessively, picking summer outfits can be quite an ordeal.  Ultimately, going out sounds like too much work, and we’d much rather stay indoors under the AC.

But worry not, because I’m here to show you the light. Once you understand what to pick, dressing fashionably and staying comfortable at the same time will be much easier. And, soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer outdoors.

So, keep reading for a few tips on how to dress when you’re a sweaty mess!

1. Pick the Right Material

When picking materials, natural is the way to go. Save the silks and the polyester for winter, because they trap heat and put your sweat stains on display. 

Cotton and linen are your best option in summer. They’re light, airy, and breathable. They also have the ability to absorb all of your sweat and dry quickly. 

This means no sweat stains and an overall cool feeling, which is what we all want in summer fashion. It’s also a good time to sport open knitted items since they’re pretty well ventilated.

2. Go Loose

In hot summer days, body-fitting clothes are not ideal.  Air can’t flow through these clothes, making you sweat even more. Your clothes should be loose and flowy so that there’s some ventilation.  

Go for lightweight materials that are not very clingy. Ditch the typical tight tank-tops everybody wears and go for long maxi dresses and cut out styles instead. 

Avoid closed necks and try to pick clothes that have larger armholes. It’s all about letting the air flow through. So, the looser you go, the better.

3. Stick to the Summer Palette

You know how the summer palette involves bright and pastel colors? Well, it’s not just summer vibes that inspired it. There’s some science involved, too!

Dark colors like black, brown, and navy absorb light, trapping heat. And lighter colors like white reflect light, providing a feeling of coolness. So, ideally, you should always opt for lighter colors.

Although white is probably the most comfortable color for summer, it does a bad job when it comes to hiding sweat stains. This can be solved by wearing patterns and the right kind of material.

4. Your Bra Matters

Wouldn’t it be great if we could skip bras altogether? Unfortunately, you still need the support, so the best thing you can do is look for a comfy one.

Faveable.com suggests avoiding padded bras because they’ll make you sweat even more. Get high quality, simple ones that won’t itch when you wear them. 

Summer is also the perfect time to sport some bralettes. These may sound fancy, but an unlined bralette is going to be super comfortable, sweat-free and stylish for the heat.

5. Stay Covered

Our heads tend to overheat when we’re under the sun for too long. And, if you’re a sweaty person like me, you’re well aware of how annoying it is to have buckets of sweat dripping down your forehead.

Always keep a scarf or umbrella in your bag for days that are especially hot. While hats and caps do the same job, they can often make your head even hotter. Scarves are ideal because they’re super lightweight and all you need to do is drape them over your head. 

Pair them with sunglasses and you’ll have the perfect summer look. You could also just tie up your hair with a scarf to keep it away from your neck. This will make you feel cool and hassle-free. 

6. Keep Your Bags Light

There’s nothing worse than lugging around a huge bag on a hot summer day. Be it a backpack or a large tote bag, the heaviness will make you uncomfortable. The added weight sticking to your body will make you sweat even more.

Once summer hits, change to a smaller crossbody, side or handbag. Do a thorough cleaning of the contents and only keep the necessary items.  The lighter your bag, the more at ease you’ll be.

7. Minimalism is More Comfortable

In summer, less is more. And if you’re a sweaty person, being flashy or having lots of jewelry on you will not do you any favors. Try switching up to a more minimalistic style and you’ll certainly see the benefits.

Avoid jewelry that’s in direct contact with your skin. This includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Having sticky chains or heat-trapping metals on key cooling points of your body is not comfortable at all.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from added embellishments on your clothes. Things like beads make your tops heavier and trap more body heat. 

8. Layer Up

I bet you thought that layering up was only for the winter. Although it is true that the fewer clothes you wear, the cooler you’ll feel, layering up is a good hack for people who sweat a lot.

Wear something thin and light as the first layer and go for something flowy on top. This will prevent stains from appearing on your outer clothes. You can even find special moisture undershirts that will keep you cool in the heat.

9. Pay Attention to the Feet

Feet are a part of the body that sweat a lot. Even worse, sweaty feet are pretty stinky. So you’ve got to be extra careful with what kind of shoes you wear in the summer.

Sandals are the best since they are breezy and not at all restricted. Open toe shoes are also a good option. However, if you are a sneakers girl, pick something comfy and lightweight that lets your feet breathe.

Summer is not the time to show off those cool jelly or plastic shoes. Your feet will definitely be blistered and sweaty. And, if you do have to wear socks, opt for ankle-length cotton socks.

10. Antiperspirants Are Your Best Friend

A normal perfume or deodorant might make you smell good, but it won’t stop your sweating. If perspiration is truly a huge problem in your life, you should definitely stock up on some antiperspirants.

These work wonders and stop your glands from secreting sweat. They’re very drying, so you won’t get that icky wet feeling under your armpit either.

If you don’t have any antiperspirant lying around, definitely put on some talcum powder before you head out. This will have a similar effect, and keep you feeling fresh.

11. Always Carry Extras

Sometimes, you can’t avoid being drenched in sweat, especially when you’re doing intense physical activities or workouts. There is special athletic wear that’s made specifically to keep sweat away, but it doesn’t get rid of the uncomfortable, sweaty feeling.

So, if you do have a day of activity planned ahead, make sure to carry some extra clothes. This includes shoes as well. It’s also wise to always have a handkerchief and wet wipes at hand. This way, you can instantly wipe away your sweat and stay refreshed.


Summer fashion is all about comfort and flexibility. Once you get those two elements straight, you can experiment with colors and patterns and create unique looks that no other season can bring.

While being sweaty is quite an annoying curse, it can’t stop you from living your life. Just make some wise choices and think realistically. Then, dressing up will no longer be such a hassle.

So, start shopping and prepare to have fun in the heat!