I’ve noticed how after each Fashion Week I tend to do an article and close-up on the street style of that particular fashion capital. Today though, I will venture into something else, as London Fashion Week has ended. So FashionTag will take you, my lovely readers from the British catwalks, behind the scenes of London […]

Ladies it’s been a pleasure I tell you. Yet before we say goodbye to London Fashion Week and plunge into the most glamorous and sensual city of fashion week (Milan– that’s you) here’s a look at some more established designers London offers us. Jonathan Saunders said Spring 2013 was ”the hardest collection I’ve ever done”. Known as […]

It went by just like that… London Fashion Week and I feel a bit numb to all the catwalk designer fuss and craze right now. To be honest with you first days were a bit chaotic- they always are at London Fashion Week, and I think it’s because being the 2nd FW you don’t know what to expect. […]

The best places to see genuine style, imagination & fabulous ideas come to life (detail fashion wise) are the streets. And what better time of the year or better city to wallow in a sea of detail opulence & extravagance than New York at Fashion Week time! By courtesy of photographers Phil Oh via Vogue […]

Today London Fashion Week has officially started and before I plunge into its fashion forward & artsy collections I’d like to take the time and have some fun with you… Yes lovelies, it’s time for Street Style and not just anywhere but straight at New York Fashion Week. Call it an urban insight, a sip of […]

If yesterday’s peek into New York Fashion Week – Spring 2013 Collections was packed with knee-high sandals & retro inspired looks (quite understated may I add), today, for part II of New York’s fabulous Fashion Week we relish on strong basic colors & lots of black & white. Oh… and stripes. And a 60s vibe. […]

Another Summer reaches the end and before we know it here we are… loving the early September if not for its welcoming chill then for its glorious Fashion Weeks. Yes ladies, Autumn is here so the runways will be gracing us with the 2013 Spring collections. And it all starts in New York City! Crowds […]