The Fashion Print You Can Wear All Year Round: Tie-Dye!

If you think this is a fashion illusion, you’re wrong. What it is it’s a dream come true. Runway & street style rumour has it the  fashion print are no longer just a thing of summer, and when it comes to 2017 SS trends that stretch all the way into fall 2018 one specific fashion print trend stands out, as it makes a massive comeback: the tie-dye print.

It’s so grown up though and sophisticated this season that it’s probably one of the most versatile and easy to pull off prints on any item and in any situation. It’s subtle, slightly retro-futuristic, very artsy, painting like, easy to mix and it looks very effortlessly luxe in a very serious kinda of way.

When I came across Chaosseed Studio – a USA shop I thought: this is it – the whole grail of prints you can wear in summer AND winter. Amen to that! I love all artsy but very luxe clothes, and I’m a huge fan of summer fluid rich fabrics that can be stretched out all the way into winter, mixed with knits and thigh high boots. This shop caters to this specific style and trend. A staple of prints really. The quality is great, the shopping experience really easy, and there’s free shipping.

Chaosseed Studio Blouse

The classic tie-dye fashion print 

Think luxe, think sophisticated summer, or chic autumn and winter. Pleated skirts and midi dresses make fantastic pieces to rock with both sandals and boots, with silk cami tops, or t-shirts, AND sweaters in cold weather.

Handkerchief Dress | Chaosseed Studio


Chaosseed Studio Dress

The floral tie-dye fashion print 

It’s the most subtle and chic way of doing prints but not getting lost in them. It’s very easy to mix and match, and has this quality of being very fashion forward or very classy depending on you combo. If you mix a pair of fluid printed pants with  a simple black or white top, it’s a timeless look. However if you pair them with a more funky blouse style you nail the trendy side of style.

Handkerchief Maxi Dress (personal fave)| Chaosseed Studio


Chaosseed Studio Dress

How to wear this fashion print all year round?

Summer is all about breezy fresh and casual looks, in pleated skirts, and maxi dresses, blouses so loose for office wear that you feel like a boho queen. You mix them with sandals and sunglasses, and massive bag for office wear, or a tiny clutch for some chic evening event – stiletto heels and all – and it’s the perfect Chaosseed Look. 

The great thing is the same printed dresses and pleated maxis can go all the way into rainy autumn days and cold winters. Pair them with high boots, and a turtleneck. Layer them with massive lather jackets, or trench coats. In fact, the mix of silk summer fabrics and heavy winter items has been a trend for the past year of so, and it pretty much is the ticket to looking very Fashion Week street style aka sophisticated to the core.

Tie-dye prints a la Chaosseed Studio with a touch of subtle florals is probably the easiest way and safest way, style wise to do prints from one summer to another. Whether you go for the summer printed pieces mixed with winter fabrics, OR you pick printed winter clothes per se – the good news is fashion gives us a green light to all options.


Chaosseed Studio Kimono

Chaosseed Studio Skirt

Chaosseed Studio Shirt

Chaosseed Studio

Street style:


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xoxo D.