#REDasmyheart: Statement Look In Two Piece Dress

That I’m as quick tempered as a storm, and fiery as fire can get is no surprise, so there is really no wow factor to the fact that I feel at my mostest when draped in red. Yeah, yeah I know, what a cliche. But when I’m wearing red and a gorgeous dress like the one in this post I’m again walking as if Beyonce and I are singing “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.” Damn right. And we strut. We don’t walk.

I’ve been dying to wear this dress for a long time and let me just say that the wait was totally worth it. It’s a two-piece dress that is insanely sexy AND comfortable (yes, that is possible), it’s perfect for more va-va-voom occasions when you want to make a statement, but don’t wanna go all out you know.

Two-piece dresses are the new IT dresses of our time, and we’re thankful for this to mostly the Kardashians, they’ve been in crop tops and pencil midi high wasited skirts all year round for quite some time. So I gave it a try and I’m sticking with it.

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MY LOOK. My two piece dress is from DevilPlus Shop – an online shop with all the sexy thangs you may need, but also with TONS of fashion dresses  that suit every situation when you wanna, you know, turn heads.

They have maxi dresses, evening dresses, peplum, midi, sweater, print – anything you love they have it.

I am currently *still* obsessed with midi dresses and sweater dresses so this is exactly what I am wearing: this sweater two-piece dress in red. 

Clearly I love it for that Beyonce effect, but also because it’s quite versatile. Being a sweater dress makes this piece perfect for cold seasons as well, and also it’s thick fabric is stretchable so it fits any body type, while hugging it and keeping it into place. The two-piece situation is perfect: you can wear the top with something else (I’ve worn it with high waisted jeans and LOVED it), and the skirt is perfect for office days even, paired with a longer top, a tucked in blouse.

Being midi makes it appropriate for so many occasions, and being all covered up plays that up. Don’t be fooled by the bare mid-riff, it’s a tiny tiny piece of skin barely visible and very adjustable.

All in all the dress is fab. It delivers on the WOW, it delivers on the comfort, and it’s so much more than one dress. It’s a statement. With two pieces which you can incorporate into your wardrobe and put together quite a few extra outfits.

And now the pics.


dana-cristina-straut-fashion-dresses-3 dana-straut-fashion-dress-2 dana-straut-fashion-dress-3 dana-cristina-straut-fashion-dresses-5 fashion-dress-dana-straut-4 fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-2 fashion-dress-dana-straut fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-4 dana-straut-fashion-dress fashion-dress-dana-straut-2 fashion-dress-dana-straut-3 fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-fashiontag-2 fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-fashiontag-3 fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-3 fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-fashiontag- fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-5 fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut- fashion-dresses fashion-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-fashiontag-4 fashion-dresses-fashiontag

Get the look:

Sweater DressesDevilPlus | Red Turtleneck Two-Piece Sweater Dress