9 Benefits Of Essential Oils For Your Skin!

Essential oils have been used for both health and beauty purposes for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians produced essential oils from olibanum, jasmine, myrrh, cardamom, almond, lemongrass, and many other plants. They used the oils for beauty care, medicinal benefits, and spiritual enhancement.

Most people are unaware that essential oils greatly help in maintaining a healthy skin. The oils are distilled from flowers, roots, leaves and other parts of plants. In this article, we reveal the benefits of using essential oils for healthy skin surface and texture.

1. Antiseptic Properties

Essential oils also have excellent antiseptic properties. You can throw away all your chemical-based beauty products as they do more harm than good to your skin. Using the essential oils will help prevent viral and bacterial skin diseases. What’s more, they can also be used to reduce the inflammation of the skin due to insect bites, pimples, warts, and other wounds.

2. Repairs Damaged Skin

Another great benefit of essential oils is that they repair damaged skin. The oil acts as a natural astringent protecting the skin from damage. It can be used to reduce bleeding caused by shaving. Moreover, use of the essential oils can trigger skin repair from minor contractions caused due to skin irritation or acne. The oils essentially reverse the damage, and brings back vitality to the skin’s surface and texture.

3. Prevents Premature Aging of Skin

Essential oils have anti-aging benefits. Premature aging of the skin occurs when the collagen production stops due to the action of free radicals in our bodies. This negatively affects the vitality and elasticity of the skin. Essential oils effectively limit the action of free radicals thereby reducing the aging effect.

4. Reduces Wrinkles from the Face

They reduce wrinkles from the face. The oils induce contraction of the skin that tightens the facial skin and minimizes the appearance of the wrinkles. After just a few weeks of use, you’ll see the wrinkles fading away.

5. Prevents Acne Formation

Using them helps prevent acne formation. The antiseptic properties of essential oils will help fight off bacteria that cause acne. The oils will reduce the formation of acne and redness on the skin. More so, it keeps the popped pimples clean and free of germs.

6. Reduce Acne Scars

Apart from preventing acne formation, they also help reduce acne. Some of the oils have strong cicatrisant properties effectively healing scars and other spots on the skin. Their use increases blood circulation beneath the skin surface that help fade spots caused by cuts and wounds.

7. Treats Skin Discoloration

Being in the sun for a long time results in discoloration of the skin, but essential oils have these miraculous properties in smoothing out the skin discoloration. They can be used to even out the skin tone by breaking the darker pigments, resulting in an even skin tone thus greatly improving the appearance of the skin.

8. Acts as a Skin Moisturizer

A great benefit of these oils is that it helps in moisturising the skin. People who have dry skin can use essential skins to moisturise the skin that will prevent different skin problems. However, people with oily skin can also benefit from using essential oils as it reduces excess oil on the skin, and this gives the skin such a healthy glow.

9. Smooths Out the Skin Texture

Using them constantly increases the ability of the skin to remain moist making it look healthy and plump. It adds shine to your skin making you look years younger.

So using using these oils will go a long way in ensuring smooth and healthy skin, improving the texture and surface of the skin.


If more clear, toned skin with a healthy glow is what we’re after – we should consider including the use of essential oils in our daily beauty care routine. Having said that, before using any essential oil on your skin, it’s recommended that you contact a dermatologist to ensure that using essential oils won’t result in any negative reaction on your skin.

Stay glowy and healthy! xoxo D