Five Best Engagement Ring Designs

So you decided to pop the question. Good for you! To get ready for the occasion, you might decide to have a ring purchased and ready to present to the woman you love.

Choosing the right ring remains only one of the big decisions you and you’re bride-to-be need to make in the near future. There are many things to look out for when shopping for engagement rings for women.

One of the most important characteristics to consider when you choose from a myriad of engagement rings for women available on the market. Let’s look at engagement ring styles first.

If your intended wears rings often, take a look at the design of the rings she wears. You should get an idea of the type of stone cut and design she likes from the rings she already wears. Or she may have already said something about the design of rings and type of stones she prefers.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

If you’d like to purchase a stunning stone for your engagement ring, and want that stone to really stand out, choose a solitaire ring design. In a solitaire design, one focal stone is placed in a Tiffany or other type of setting. No side stones or surrounding stones go into a solitaire setting. The individual diamond or stone of choice has a chance to show off its individual shine and glory.

Halo Design

As the name suggests, halo style engagement rings are focal center stones with a halo of smaller diamonds encircling that stone. You could go the way of Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge and choose a colored gemstone surrounded by diamonds. Or you can choose nearly any type and shape of stones surrounded by other smaller stones. The combinations of stones in a halo design remains nearly endless.

Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings have one focal stone with at least one smaller stone set to each side. The center stone may be the same shape as the side stones, or a contrasting shape. Also, another popular style has a diamond focal stone with a different gemstone for side stones.

Three Stone Design

A popular version of the side stone ring is the three stone engagement setting. The stones have been said to represent the past, present, and future of the relationship. Each diamond might be of a similar size. Or you might choose a larger focal stone with smaller stones to the side.

Eternity Engagement Ring

In a way, all engagement and wedding rings appear circular. The circle represents eternity because it has no beginning and no end. The eternity engagement and wedding ring usually have gemstones channel set around the band of the ring.

Engagement Ring Cuts

Several cuts of diamonds exist to give your engagement ring a unique look. Some of the shapes of diamonds available in engagement rings today include:

  • Round cut. The face of a round cut stone looks like a circle.
  • Princess cut. The princess cut diamond is usually square.
  • Cushion cut. The cushion cut stone looks like a square with rounded corners. This cut enhances the diamond’s brilliance.
  • Emerald cut. The emerald cut stone looks like a rectangle. Emerald cut stones catch and reflect light beautifully.
  • Navette or Marquis cut. This cut looks a bit like a football with pointed ends and sides. It might also have curved sides with a pointed top and bottom. Marquis shaped stones add an illusion of length to a woman’s hand.
  • Oval cut stones are longer than they are wide, with rounded edges. Smooth edges make an oval stone comfortable to wear.
  • Pear cut. The pear shaped diamond is rounded on the top and comes to a point at the bottom. The tapered point of the stone’s shape elongates the look of the finger. Its shape remains unique enough to stand out amongst the rest of the engagement rings.
  • Heart Shaped cut. You’ll keep the feel of Valentine’s Day going throughout the year with a lovely heart-shaped diamond or ruby engagement ring.

If you do a little research ahead of time, you’ll pick a wonderful ring for your loved one to enjoy for the rest of your lives together.