Easter Fashion Tips. What to Wear this Easter

2009_10_30_macarons_laduree Whatever happened to good old Spring & Easter warm weather? Or did I just fall into a time capsule and got stuck in an endless Christmas? Which I wouldn’t mind were it not for the horrible cold weather. I mean snow… really? In Spring? Can barely stand it in winter hence my frustration and hard time coping with the present forecast. Ah well… a look at the bright side. Oh wait… there is no such thing. Joking.

Crappy weather aside, Easter is coming and with it a tiny bit of holiday, but just enough (hardly ever) for us to stuff ourselves with CUPCAKES & MACARONS. Anyone? And chocolate of course, but who needs it when you’ve got the best excuse to splurge on all the macarons in the world, right? Drinks are next (think absolutely delicious hangover worthy cocktails and wines) and food round the clock.

My favorite thing to do on an Easter holiday: brunch with the girls, lunch with family, dinner and drinks out. Loads of walks in the park, shopping and making a day out of all the free days. This of course requires a certain fashion attire. Well actually not really (unless you’ve got to go to a super special event or venue for the Sunday Easter) but I do feel that when spending a day out, never knowing if you’ll make it home before dinner to change into something more going out worthy, it’s best to be dressed well, in layers, with bits of posh accessories just in case you’ll be going out partying right after brunch. And with this blizzard blessing us right in Spring best style is definitely warm comfy style: beanies, scarves, hats, caps, and lost of layers.

Winter Fashion for Easter Holiday

easter fashion tips easter fashion tips easter fashion tips paris-streetstyle-ss13-maison-michel-hat easter fashion tips scarf-easter-style scarf-hat-easter-style If you want to get a bit festive though and scrape a little into the good old fashioned Easter & Spring color palette, go for pastels. Yes pastels in winter. What am I saying? It’s Spring so go on then: white coats, floral print trousers, pink sweaters, ice-cream colored tops, sweet powdered nails – effortlessly girly & feminine looks. Personally I’m sticking to ankle boots, coat, fake fur scarf and just jazz it up with accessories and perhaps statement trousers. Leather never lets me down.

Pastels for Easter

easter-look easter-sunday-outfit pastel-look-easter pastel-outfit-easter pastels-prints-easter-look white-caot-easter Love these street style soft warm looks. Perfect for Easter stroll around town with your friends & family :)