Out of the challenges of 2020 come inspiration, spirituality, creativity, modernity, and comfort.  It’s a long list that is meaningful and has set the tone for Miami based eveningwear designer Donna Leah in the New Year.  Most important for Donna Leah Designs is joyful fashion and the role that powerful hues and luxurious fabrics will have in helping to revitalize people’s spirits.   The exercise of planning for the months ahead has led the designer to embrace five key trends.


Spend even a few minutes on Instagram and you will see that loungewear has been embraced by fashionistas around the world.  How does that impact a luxury gown designer?  By giving the category a major style upgrade.  Through the use of bold and unexpected colors, opulent fabrics, and modern styling, Donna Leah Designs has taken this fashion trend and put her own unique spin on it.  A love of statement accessories and colorful heels completes a look that is as individual as the wearer.


Arguably, denim is one of the most versatile fabrics in terms of wearability and its ability to make a statement.  As we emerge from the pandemic, denim is becoming a go-to look for luxury brands.  Rarely does it seem out of place, especially when the item is constructed with fabrics from Switzerland or Italy such as those found in the latest collection of gowns from Donna Leah Designs.  The designer is also excited about the new launch of her denim jackets which take the wardrobe staple and gives it a sophisticated update with stunning sequin appliqués. For fashionistas with a passion for eveningwear and elegance, these jackets are the perfect way to successfully integrate a new style into a wardrobe.


The hand of a fabric has on some levels an emotional component.  Feeling and wearing something soft gives us comfort and security.  It is a force each morning in the selection of what we choose to wear.  Understanding this, Donna Leah Designs is introducing new items in luxury fabrics that give consumers the sensory experience they are searching for in this new era.   The brand’s evening gowns in soft Italian robin’s egg blue and snow-white leathers are exceptional.  Elevated loungewear is both comfortable and sophisticated, and the new denim jacket collection is fresh and familiar at the same time.  No matter what Donna Leah is designing, fabric and its texture are first and foremost in what the ultimate creation will become. 


Donna Leah has gone full speed ahead with bold hues that have a powerful energy and can change one’s frame of mind. It has been well established that color is a natural mood enhancer that can be used to tell a brand’s story.  For Donna Leah, that story is about her love of nature and her passion for self-expression.  In 2021 expect to see Donna Leah Designs with more monochromatic style in all areas of the collections from gowns to loungewear and everything in between. Donna Leah embraces colors with no apologies because she believes strongly that color can bring happiness and joy to the wearer.  She believes that color isn’t just reserved for certain occasions and that it makes a powerful statement for her gowns and loungewear.  Living and working in Miami, her selections reflect inspirations from the ocean, sunsets, and foliage. 


With so many fashion rules being broken this past year, it is only natural for a designer to feel even more liberated.  Donna Leah, always designing for her true self first, sees her new collections as a celebration of what is to come.  Sleek gowns in gold and sapphire, denim jackets with luxurious sequin appliqués, loungewear that is bold and sleek, and t-shirts that give back to important causes.  Expect to see breathtaking gowns from the designer who believes in discovering the excitement of dressing up again.  Her message has always been that it is the joy that the gown brings and not only the occasion.

Ultimately, the era of the pandemic has made people gravitate to comfort dressing, but that does not deter Donna Leah Designs.  Every challenge has its antidote, and for Donna Leah that means eveningwear that is dramatic and makes its mark in other areas of the brand including denim, loungewear and even Superhero t-shirts.  After so many months of uber-casual dressing, consumers will be craving the next level of a polished look.  Donna Leah is ready.

xoxo D.

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