The New ‘IT” Bag For Men: How A Doctor Bag Can Be Fashionable?

Back in the old days, a person carrying a black, wooden chest covered in leather – a doctor bag – symbolised that he was… a doctor, the same way we assume today a person wearing a lab gown and a stethoscope is in fact… a doctor. Until of course having these medical attires on you becomes a fad, and then we’ll be sartorially confused. 

Doctor bags were originally created for doctors to carry their medical equipment conveniently and quite dapper may I add, whenever they had to attend a house call. It has rounded sides, a flat bottom, a single top handle with a frame and clasp enclosure, which, years later, were replaced with two handles and a zipper.

However, doctors’ working hours and jobs have changed a bit throughout time, and they no longer go their patient’s house these days, but that doesn’t mean that dapper accessory aka the doctor bags have to go. In fact, they have been reinvented into something sleek and fashionable these days, a vintage touch to an otherwise quite sleek men style. Men too carry bags, and this doctor bag is the next IT bag for our boys. 

The Doctor Bag Today

Today, doctor bags have been revamped and they come in different styles and materials. However, they kept their rounded sides and flat bottoms for that retro vibe and more room for your stuff. 

Moreover, because a doctor bag’s symbol is outdated these days, anyone can basically carry a one around, not as a job decoy but as a fashion statement. 

The doctor bag today remains classic but has a more sleek and posh appearance that looks so good when  paired even with a pair of jeans and a shirt, translating into confidence and sophistication. And you can wear it for work or to uni, or just tag it along your shopping day, or running errands hours. It gives a great touch to an outfit.

Men too love and wear bags, and the doctor bag which I’ve personally seen as the star of bags in London carried so cool by men of all ages and styles, is indeed a fashion statement. I mean… even our cool laid back boys need to have a few things on them at all times, especially when they go to work – from laptops to books or plan-books – so instead of the sporty backpack, or some bulged pockets the doctor bag is a great alternative. 

Why Is The Doctor Bag Trendy?

Because it looks damn good. First of all its vintage style make sit a classic piece, and a statement both. Then it has great shape which gives it this sleek and sophisticated vibe. It looks great work with a suit, a spring trench coat, and even more sporty attire, or travailing. It’s massive so it can carry a lot of crap, without you ever worrying whether or not you lost something in your pockets, or left some book on the tube. You just throw it in there and you’re done. 

Its variety of looks is endless, so much so that it can be appropriate for just any type of occasion because it goes along with just any outfit.

Personally I think it’s a very masculine piece and the proper bag men can wear without feeling like they’re carrying purses around. They look dapper and cool. However, women can wear them too, I mean… we’re goddesses of big bold bags. So if anyone can love them and rock them it’s us. 

Is the doctor bag the IT bag for men? 

YES it is. From high quality, to classic timeless piece, and fashion sophistication this bag has it all. Okay… women can wear it too, but I love it dangling in a man’s hands. 

Men are able to look more professional and skilled without having to stress out about what to wear. Putting aside the looks and personal style, doctor bags are also a practical choice – not just for doctors, but again, for everyone.

What’s more, you will be able to keep your items organized, even if you are always on-the-go, saving you a lot of time on your way to a productive day. If you are looking to get your own doctor bag right now, you must check Baltic Domini products here. You’ll be able to find a leather gem that will suit your style, making you go out looking very chic.

People believe that looking good and dressing-up well can be associated with one’s success and doctor bags will help you prove that to yourself.

xoxo D.