Why Watches Are Still The #1 Accessory?

Looking back at my tres unfashionable early life I realise two things I’ve learned that are still true, standing the test of time. And THAT… in fashion is a big deal. Designer watches will always be a staple.

1) Watches, no matter how far we go technologically to the point of guessing time with our tiny little brains, will always be IN. A watch is still a coveted look and #1 accessory that just translates elegance and chicness.

2) Sometimes… the best gift you can give yourself is to invest in a long-lasting item. And sartorially speaking the only pieces that stand the test of time are either designer or staples. Or both.


Such is the case of a designer watch. sigh. The watches market over time is still dominated by the same massive names, with more and more fashion designers joining in and creating watches trends every season, or second hand high quality watch fashion catching up.

A designer watch will never be dated, never run its trendy-course, au contraire, the more time passes the more its value rises. Vintage designer pieces hello! And to be honest here, usually that’s the thing about accessories: they can instantly dress up, rich-up, luxe-up any look. In both men and women daily fashions.

men-watches-trends-2015-2 street-style-designer-watches-2

For the past 3 years or so, curtesy of all this street style trends and bloggers craze, designer watches are having a major comeback, and for the right reasons. A staple that will never lose its value sartorially or financially.

First we were all obsessed with massive gold watches that glamed up any look, as if we were all channeling some rich luxurious socialite whose only care in the world is where to vacay next, and time is rarely an issue to her.


Now, more vintage pieces, leather strap watches seem to be taking front stage. Think Audrey Hepburn, French chic styles. I guess we’re all tired a little bit of too polished, too dolled up looks and just want to be effortless and chic in our jeans and white shirts, YET never compromising in good style and taste, hence the fabulous details.


The sight of a leather or metallic strap designer watch effortlessly resting on your wrist, whether you’re wearing your old jeans and a grey sweater, or your best office suit – is always the definition of both elegance, and fabulous style.

I would go as far as saying a designer watch is the ultimate style trick in the book.

Metallic Strap Watches. Massive styles for both men and women are fantastic statement pieces which look great with just about any outfit. My favourite such watches, remain the golden ones which I love with an effortless denim and shirt look, or a very very luxurious and sophisticated all-white or all-black outfit. Think office-smart meets dinner-time-elegance. ;)

street-style-designer-watches-1 street-style-designer-watches-looks-10 street-style-designer-watches-5 street-style-designer-watches-looks-15

Leather Strap Watches. Are a more classic and toned down version of the #1 staple. With these it’s more about subtle chicness and androgynous refinement rather than glamorous statement, and that is just great, especially with the rise of the Parisian chic trend going on right now.

Those delicate men-insired designes are having a huge moment right now. They look great with jeans, sweaters, shirts, dresses… mostly anything from casual to smart, but less sporty-luxe.

street-style-designer-watches-3 street-style-designer-watches-looks-1 street-style-designer-watches-7 street-style-designer-watches-6 street-style-designer-watches-looks-20

At the end of the day… it’s all about personal style and taste. A designer watch though will mirror these in an instant, while standing the test of time in quality, style and value.


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So what do you think: are designer watches still the #1 accessory? Which style is your favourite?