How To Wear The Denim Skirt In 2017 Like A Grown-Up?

Somewhere between the 90’s and the 2000’s you broke hearts in this skirt. You wore it to high-school a la Beverly Hills 90210, to college a la Twin Peaks style, to parties a la Justin & Britney Denim Love Homage. That mini denim skirt was your best friend. the staple of a very grungy, slightly tacky closet. You wore it religiously and loved it. Then you grew up, and let me guess: you swore to never wear it again.

Big mistake. In fashion, as in life never say never. Fast forward over 10 years and who’s going denim skirt shopping? Who’s rocking a skimpy little denim skirt with a flirty shirt on Instagram? A-ha.

Ladies… it’s 2017 and the denim skirt is back and more sophisticated than ever, so there’s really no need for panic. We will not all look like versions of ourselves back in the day, only older, instead we’ll look older-in-a-good-way AKA grown-up with a style so on point and sophisticated you’ll wonder what the hell was wrong with us in the first pace, wearing that denim skirt in such a cheap and tacky way way back when.

Why it’s okay to wear the denim skirt in 2017 if you’re not a teen anymore?

The denim skirt today is so nipped and tucked in such a versatile and more polished way that it really can adapt to all ages and styles. Starting with last year most designs started to play around with denim and the skirt, so by 2017 we have amazing denim skirt pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, to Tom Ford, Miu Miu, Lutz Huelle, Oscar de la Renta, Yeezy, Dolce & Gabbana. Pretty much all designers took to denim and gave us collections packed or just sprinkled with some pretty fab and quite polished pieces.

I guess the world of fashion caught up with the reality out there: we’re not our moms and dads, so way in our 30s or 40s we do still want to play with looks and fashion, get adventurous but in a more grown-up way if you like. Hence today’s sartorially wider range of trends and ‘how-to’ looks.

How to wear the denim skirt in 2017?

You know how you wore it in high-school? Yeah. Do the opposite. These days the denim skirt is all grown-up and more sophisticated, paired with less casual pieces and never heels. Unless of course you are the master of your castle and know your style like nobody’s business. Therefore you can probably pull off anything regardless of its borderline cheapness.  #stripperheels

I AM JOKING. Never wear those.

Wear these instead:

  • button-down shirts
  • statement shirts
  • boyfriend t-shirts
  • peasant tops
  • crop tops
  • off-the-shoulder blouses
  • basic t-shirts
  • bodysuits
  • sweatshirts
  • slides
  • sneakers
  • flat sandals
  • espadrilles
  • Layer with oversized denim jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets, trench-coats, dusters.

For an easier falling into this new-way-of-wearing-the-denim-skirt look into celebrity styles. Kendall Jenner the Hadids, Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, Alexa Chung.

Shop for those denim skirts that are grown-up!

Let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger. So while you’re getting old, wrinkled and sophisticated apparently so is the denim skirt. At least the last bit. The 2017 denim skirt has a more casual loose fit, like the classic Levi’s if you will. It doesn’t sit too low on the hips, and it gets a more grown-up vibe when you tuck your top into it.

It can be mini, pencil cut, with front buttons, slightly ripped, with pockets, high waist, long – sky’s the limit. Although truth be told the comeback of the denim skirt kinda belongs to the mini version of it.

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So my dear teens and grown-ups alike, any thoughts? Comment down below in the Facebook app and let’s talk about it.