Autumn’s #1 LIPSTICK Trend: Mysterious DARK

Aside from a mix of sheer panic and a bit of that impossible to resist mystery and sex-appeal oozed by dark lipstick, the very thought of wearing maroon, dark red, purple, black lips in 2015-2016 Fall is beautiful and scary.

The beauty trend that was driving my parents insane in the 90s, every time I’d sneak out the house in dead-dark-lips is having a major comeback for sometime now. We’ve already talked about dark lipstick in the cold season in this blogpost, but I somehow feel it’s never redundant to discuss more makeup, more beauty trends, more how we’d wear it, and if we’d do it.

Besides, the dark lips trend is going nowhere, in fact it’s ON, more powerful than ever, in a way that’s more 90s mixed with a bit of 70s Jonathan Saunders kinda dark accents. It’s glam but dark. It’s high fashion but a bit grungy too, it’s a look that can translate to a 15 year old, or to me, or to my mom, IF done right.

It’s all about the shade and matching it with your skin tone, hair colour, eyes. Being clueless in this area – advise wise – I will only say this: test it. Test, test, test, test every dark shade you find and you love on yourself, and if it looks good rock it.

Think stained lips by berries or dark wine (I know I can pull that one off way too easy). Dramatic and insane.

90s-style-lips autumn-lipstick-dark

I was in love with the dark lips trend since forever, but this season I’m actually planning on splurging on such colours and channeling every possible dark beauty look out there. What’s gotten into me? Well… it’s either all this tumblr dramatic fashion editorials I stumble upon, it’s either too much of that Kylie Jenner’s face and always dark matte lips popping up somewhere, Khloe’s maroon shades of lipstick – I have no idea. It’s probably crept its way deep down inside my beauty crushes and I’m hooked.

Secretly I have always had a thing for Beyonce’s look in ‘Jealous’ video. Now I know y’all have ruled insanity in my case, and this Bey thing ain’t helping me at all, but it is what it is. I’m well aware how further I am form the look itself, but inspiration in my case was triggered by Bey’s dark lips and blonde hair. Ha-ha-ha-hair HELLO! Yes I went blonder myself, not to channel Beyonce per se, BUT she did have a major say in it. I mean she called and said ‘Bitch you gotta do it’. So I did it.

While I know I do look better as a brunette, it’s something about contrasts that keeps me sort of edgy and more adventurous these days – both beauty and style wise. Life wise, no thank you, I have a hard time toning it down as it is. So before going dark again with my hair I will have to give my blonder locks a dark lip contrast look. IF I pull it off it’s supposed to look sophisticated, dramatic, fashion, edgy. That is a big IF, but it’s worth a shot.


Where to wear dark lips? Well… I am tempted to say anywhere, as long as we’re not talking black lips. Dark berry lips, purple, maroon, dark red are actually very very sophisticated lipsticks that work for most occasions, yes, even office I’d venture to say. The only time I’d not wear dark lips would probably be early mornings, weekend walks, brunches, that sort of thing. Other than that… it’s a look to try. Especially at night. Especially in the cold season.

dark-lipstick-1 dark-lipstick-2 dark-lipstick-3

Who can wear dark lips? Everybody of course. The secret lies in the shade which I think has to match your skin tone rather than your eyes or your hair. I am prone to say people with lighter complexions might pull off this look easier, as their range of lipstick colours is wider. Personally I’v always felt dark lips on me tend to harshen and darken my face too much (I have dark eyes, medium-brown skin tone, brown hair), BUT I think certain shades of berries would look fabulous, contrary to certain shades of maroon, for example, which look kinda harsh on me.

berry-lips-fall-2015 dark-lips-autumn-trend

Only one way to find out – trying it. Which I swear I’ll do, and I won’t stop until I find the right shade. Oh… and a tres importante tip, if you ask me, which you don’t but I’ll tell you anyway: dark lips look better matte, or at least not overly glossy.

My fave DARK lipsticks to browse and buy:


And of course the dark lips inspo to get us in this fall’s mood asap.


berry-lips-autumn dark-lips-looks dark-lips dark-lipstick-4 dark-lipstick-5 dark-lipstick-6 dark-lipstick-7 dark-lipstick-8 dark-lipstick-9 dark-lipstick-10 dark-lipstick-13 dark-lipstick-14 dark-lipstick-18 dark-lipstick-trend dramatic-lips-autumn-looks lipstick-looks lipstick-trend

What do you think: will you be chasing this look this autumn, or not? One shot… that’s what I think we all need. Noooo, not of intoxicating alcohol clouding our thoughts, but of dark lipstick, splashed on our beautiful lips. Bold looks. Adventurous beauty styles.

Perhaps I’ll give it all a try over next week’s brief Greece holiday, and who knows… I might get even more hooked on this sophisticated lip trend. Peace out y’all.