Once upon a time (aka about 3 weeks ago) I wore all white (rare case scenario) and stumbled upon some turquoise background in the middle of the city (rare situation as well.) Unfortunately it wasn’t the ocean, but when life gives you lemons you fucking make lemonade. Or mojitos.

On that day I had my face on, my empowering lips (dark seems to be my go-to colour when all else fails) AND my dainty necklaces from Starharvest Jewellery. 

Although my look is rather strong with a dash of 90s reminiscence as my photographer likes to say, I thought the dainty pieces make a fab contrast. Also they’re golden, like hello!!! they go with anything.

Dana Straut fashiontag-look-dana-cristina-straut-15

Why I LOVE them? Cause they’re fab looking, they’re very delicate, great quality, and YES the ring/choker one is my fave. The layered one is a great understated statement (if you can say that) but ya gotta take extra care cause it tangles a bit. But it looks amazing. So, put up with it, and rock it.

If I were to give you a style tip on these 2 pieces is that they go soooo great with office outfits, and white crispy button-down shirts, and also low-cut-tops or dresses.

Those too would have made great outfits here, but I was so stuck on that leather skirt I barely get to wear, and the concept of all white against dark lips, that I was blinded by my own style inspo.

Anyway who cares about clothes when you have a great personality and are funny? Right?! If that fails, work on jewellery, and make sure you check out Starharvest for some great pieces.

And now the pics. One of my fave editorials. If that makes any difference.


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Shop the look: Ring Chocker Necklace | Layered Necklace | Starharvest SHOP 

Photos by Florina Ciupertea.