Do you want to freshen up your wardrobe, not just add a new element to it, but change the way you dress a little? The question is exactly what you want: do you want an austere look, summer flirtatiousness, or perhaps you need to add some variety to your casual segment? Perhaps you want it all at once.

And what would you say if we suggest combining modesty, a touch of subtlety, and relaxed casualness in one outfit? Would you be skeptical or would you believe us? To avoid guesswork, simply have a look at the range of women’s pajamas with feather trim from the world-renowned Ukrainian brand Sleeper.

The sets, which include pants with feather cuffs and a feather-decorated long-sleeve top, can satisfy the needs of fashionistas of various categories. The richness of the colors, the design, and the material are all chosen so that the wearer will find only the benefits of the set.

Black pajama set and ensembles of other shades

Black sets, as well as white suits, are a universal option that suits women of all phenotypes and temperaments. And if you want to personalize the look with the message you’re setting into your outfit, the color variety comes in handy.

  • The delicate pink pajamas with bright red feathers are a unique dance of contrasts. Just imagine, wearing a pastel pink set to emphasize how fragile, feminine and romantic you are. At the same time, it is complemented by red feathers, which show that you are no stranger to passion and determination.
  • Blue is the story of your inner aristocracy. The rich hue will showcase your mastery of the art of understated chic. It’s about inner calm, unwavering self-confidence, and the trust that those around you have in you.
  • Ash grey is an unexpectedly chic instrument. Such coloring eloquently tells others about your ability to find beauty in simplicity, with which many people associate grey.
  • The pink plaid is a textile theme that will appeal to connoisseurs of coziness and order in everything. Often the plaid is chosen by extremely organized people, persistent in achieving their goals and loyal to the ideal. The combination with pink is an opportunity to express the charismatic lightness of the character of the woman who chooses it.
  • Red is the brightness and determination of a leader who is not afraid to assert herself.

Blue, red, pink, white, or black pajama set – whichever color you choose, the Sleeper suit tells your story and puts accents exactly where you want them.

The undeniable versatility of the feather set

The secret to the success of these sets is that the feathers are detachable if necessary.

So you can wear a relaxed black or blue suit, with the feathers off, to a business dinner, to the office or a theatre performance. The pajamas will be neutral enough to allow your surroundings to appreciate the seriousness of your mood, and stylish enough that no one will question the taste with which you choose your wardrobe elements.

Complete with feathers, the outfit is a good choice for:

  • a date where you will be irresistible in the eyes of your partner;
  • a party where you might be the queen of the ball or the dance floor;
  • outings with friends with whom you can organize a chic photo set in a Sleeper set.

If you love bold and original solutions, why not showcase a feathered outfit at a wedding reception – your own or that of a friend or relative? A win-win idea, because bridal Daily Sleeper feather pajamas can rival the most luxurious evening gowns and suits in elegance and practicality.

For fashionistas keen on the art of dressing, the ability to combine pajama pieces with other items from their wardrobe will be another pleasant piece of news.

Don’t be afraid to pair pajama bottoms with shirts, T-shirts, cardigans, and even thick knit jumpers, because duos of contrasting textures are just another way to accentuate your sophisticated femininity.

Pajamas with feather trim tops are also about versatility. Women wear them with classic trousers, jeans, skirts, and leggings. The options are limited only to the fashionista’s imagination and sense of style.

Pajamas practicality

Comfortable and soft Daily Sleeper feather pajamas are made of viscose. The material is lighter than cotton and is pleasantly flattering to the touch. Women wearing viscose pajamas won’t suffer from excessive heat, skin irritation, or stiffness.

Other pajama set options from Sleeper

Much has been said about the pretty feather suits offered by the popular Kyiv brand. However, the imagination of the designers is far more manifold. Staying true to practicality and style, fashion designers offer a variety of chic collections to suit all tastes.

Pajamas are an undoubted hit and a signature of Sleeper, but this summer everyone wants variety and vibrancy. The Summer Market collection is at your service!

Do you like something colorful and summery and festive? Then a Baccara jumpsuit that goes with absolutely any outfit is just what you’ve been looking for. The lime, lavender, and pink tones will delight those who like rich colors. The sunflower print will help to create a really summery mood and the blue check will be a win-win solution for semi-formal events such as outdoor festivals.

Want to open up to the summer sun and show off the beauty of your legs? Atlanta set with shorts will help to realize your plans.

The Rumba suit is sure to please fans of the ruffles. The set is complemented by a light summer scarf to match.

The collection also impresses with its range of dresses. In the catalog you will find:

  •  The classic Loungewear and Atlanta dresses
  • Luxurious Brigitte
  • Stylish newcomers Picnic and Belle.

Sleeper remains true to itself when it comes to the range of colors. Pink, lime, blue, floral prints – any fashionista will find something to suit her taste.

Wonderful lounge dresses, practical Daily Sleeper pajamas, stylish accessories – any of these items will be the perfect companion for summer adventures. You’ll feel free and relaxed in your Sleeper outfits and you’ll always be on top. The main thing is to choose the right textile ensemble and get in line with the image that the outfit will create.


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