‘I Ride My Bike Until I Get Home’. In Skirt & Heels?

bike-outfit-street-styleI guess Mark RonsonQueen & Syd Barrett saw the Bike Trend coming long before it became a fashion craze among all fashionistas & bloggers. What they didn’t know though is that not only cool looking blokes or Tom-boy ladies can ride the oldest, healthiest and most environmental friendly means of transportation. Hell no. Lately every high class, rich, once-spoiled socialite or polished manager is seen ditching their BMWs or Mercedes for a ride in the saddle. Now I wonder why? Is it really because a bike can get you to your destination so much faster while enjoying a great weather and workout, or is it because those posh ladies are so enamored with fashion trends, they just had to literally embark on the Cycle Chic one as well? The days of those hideous biking outfits are dead, what we now have is an array of Bike Styles and Bike Fashions that, we, as people with a penchant for all sartorial things, just can’t ignore. Let alone sit aside. Whoever said you have to change your style to ride a bike, couldn’t have been more further from the truth. Actually you can not only stick to your style, but spice it up. From bikes styles to your own looks it’s a heaven I swear. Makes me want to get a new bike every month, as if I’m buying the latest shoe trend. statement-bike-street-styleIs it then safe to assume the Riding Your Bike In Style Trend is the latest street fashion phenomenon? Would anyone start judging if I said I’d want one just to look cool? Cause here’s how it is: you can ride it to work, in weekends going out for lunch or even for dinners or dates. People ride it to make it to job interviews, to get from A to B regardless of the dressing code and circumstance, and most importantly in the same clothes as if they’re driving or taking the tube. Sure heels may be a bit tricky, but just until you get the hang of it. Practice does make perfection. And I think we all agree it’s easier to ride a bike in heels than to walk in heels 2 km, right? What I think we’re most self conscious about is what people are saying, when they see you struggling to pedal in your brand new Louboutins. It wouldn’t be the 1st time a few faces were appalled and shocked upon the birth of a fashion/social new craze, so eff those. fashion-on-bikeCan we ride the bike in style? 

Damn right we can. Sure the easiest way to paddle the saddle is to stick to skinny jeans, or shorts, tennis shoes, ballet flats or motorcycle boots, but what if we don’t want to give up our High Heels persona? Nor our skirts or dresses. The trick is to avoid for starters longer than knees dresses as hey might get tangled in the bike, and avoid pencil skirts (unless they have a slit or a zipper), cause it makes your legs’ movement more difficult. But not impossible. bikes-and-skirtsA-line & pleated skirts and dresses, knee length or above are so pfff… easy to pull off in the saddle. It’s all about tucking. Tuck it under your bum and you’ll be fine. Or wear bicycle shorts. Now with winter just around the corner you can wear opaque tights or leggings to avoid flashing in public. riding-bike-street-styleHeels? Well… I think they’re just another pair of shoes. After all it’s your legs who do all the work not your feet. So yes. Bottom line is, in my opinion riding a bike does not mean you have to change anything in your outfits. The bag issue may be the biggest, as it would really be a pain in the ass to try and keep it on your shoulder while switching between lanes and giving laser looks to those drivers who almost ran you over. So get a goddamn basket. Put all your bags, books, groceries in there and you’ll be riding careless and free. While looking uber cool.

riding-bikes-in-heelsHere are some street style bike looks to get us inspired… bike-and-dress-lookbike-fashion-street-styleAlexa-Chung-Chelsea-Boots-on-bikebike-dress-dressbike-look-dressChic bike outfits - Street style bike looksbike-outfitbike-outfit-street-style (2)bike-outfit-street-style (2)riding-bike-heelsriding-bike-heels-streetstylesexy-on-bike-heelsstreet style bicycle -trendstreet-style-bicycle-lookstreet-style-bike-and-dresswhat-to-wear-on-bikeDid I say how amazing bikes alone look? Or how you can paint and style yours into your best accessory? I’m hooked on this trend. I’ll have this bike please :) bike-trendHave a greet weekend lovelies, riding your bikes in style!  ;) xoxo