rihanna-cropped-top Seems like Rihanna’s constant tummy display finally paid off and kicked in into one of the biggest trends of 2013. Yes dolls we gotta start working out BIG TIME to show off our mid riffs this season. And no… it’s not because of Riri’s mid riff obsession, although I suppose as a style icon she’s got a little input in there, but the Cropped Tops fad is quite an eclectic mix of circumstances that have led to it becoming a huge trend: a ’90’s reiteration of the cropped top, a retro take on the look (think Dolce & Gabbana), a classic vibe to it (think CHANEL tweed and boucle cropped jackets), an urban-glam twist to it, celebrity inspiration, sporty-chic style. All these are in. And it’s safe to say that when it comes to your own style and take on this trend the sky is the limit, and that’s 2013’s biggest asset: freedom to experiment, to get creative, to mix and match all of it with just one rule in mind – feeling & looking good! So eff those fashion restrictions and give in to: DIY cropped tops projects, bustiers, cropped funky jackets, cropped shirts, cropped sweaters… you know the drill. cropped-tops-designers-2013 chanel-tweed-croppedjacket cropped-bustiers cropped-t-shirt-cut-offs When discussing the Cropped Tops Trend it’s crucial to stretch out the fact that all is in: from the basic tank tops & t-shirts, to the retro bustiers and the classic-with-a-twist cropped jackets that are a fashion blessing for this time of the year all the way into late autumn. Isn’t it great when fashion has that comfy utilitarian side to it as well? Though let’s be honest here, if it didn’t, would anyone give a crap? Yeah… I thought so too. There’s nothing like suffering for the sake of looking great. Aha! We’ve all got those feet blisters and would rather freeze to death than not don a cropped top when it’s so fashionably required. :) So let’s take sides here then! croppedtop-classic-edgy The Classic Cropped Look has got 2 major styles: The Cropped Jackets & The Cropped Sweaters. The trend comes in handy for the more office/work appropriate attire and can be stretched to pretty much any age (well at least the cropped jackets) as you can wear a longer shirt underneath it and play with shape and lengths, which will add quite a sophisticated note to the look. Besides the cropped jacket is pretty much a staple and works with ANYTHING: jeans, heels, boots, sandals, t-shirts, posh tops, clutches, bags, printed trousers, skirts, dresses, maxi & mini skirts… It looks chic, glam luxe and effortless. Which is what most of us are going for when dressing for work or important meetings. To get the classic take on cropped jackets have a look at Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohls (click here). Kohls-Jennifer Lopez-cropped-jacket Kohls-Jennifer-Lopez-cropped-top If you can’t yet part ways with your trench coat, denim or leather jacket, but you are dying to rock this trend ASAP… do not lose hope! Still how can you? Not with those crispy mornings you so hate. Stick to your longer jackets then and don a cool comfy and classic cropped sweater. YOON (click here for more) has got some amazing classic-meets-retro pieces that would look fantastic with high waisted skirts and trousers. And it would leave just a tiny bit of bare mid riff. Enough to get the look going. :) yoon-cropped-sweater yoon-cropped-top For some fashion inspiration check out these brilliant street style looks that I swear are just the right push we might need to get us started on this Cropped Jacket Trend. cropped-black-jacket Cropped-Boucle-Jacket cropped-jacket cropped-jacket-dress-look (2) cropped-jacket-dress-look cropped-jacket-street-style cropped-jacket-style cropped-jacket-trend leather-cropped-jacket street-style-cropped-jacket street-style-cropped-jacket-jeans-heels street-style-cropped-shirt streetstyle-cropped-top trend-cropped-top The Glam-Grunge Cropped Look is for those loving a bit of fashion edge (guilty as charged) & for those free weekends, for parties, for those days when you feel so fashion adventurous and want to break the style monotony. This is all about flipping the finger to fashion rules and giving in to the looking and feeling good temptations. Cropped tank-tops & t-shirts (that you might have chopped off yourself) are so rock’n roll with cut-offs, jeans and hot heels. Ah… think classic funky printed, crazy neon colored pumps! Statement necklaces or even better, body jewellery. That’s it! I’m hitting the shops this weekend! For laid back days don flat sandals, sneakers (you’ll be nailing the urban/sporty-chic style with these) and a sporty hat. For fashion inspo you do know who you have to check out, right? Rihanna. She’s the queen of urban-glam-boy-girl-posh-gangsta style. I know I’m bombarding you with her too often. Sorry. Promise this is the 1st and last time (this week). rihanna-cropped-top-2 cropp-top-riri Rihanna_PinkCropTop5 Not a fan of the girl? No problemo! Here are a few street style looks to get you in the Cropped Tops mood (click here for more on this trend). And to the gym. Yeah… wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, I’m so lazy I’d rather just stick to the cropped jackets! :)  cropped-tank-top-street-style cropped-shirt-style cropped-tee cropped-tee-skirt-heels-look cropped-t-shirt-style smart-cropped-top-look street-style-trend-cropped-top So how about this Cropped Trend then? You IN or OUT on it?

images via Pintrest & Google Images