Crop Tops: The Scariest Trend?!

margaret-zhang-croptop Between eyeballing the latest fad in town & that illegally delicious cake, we’re left with a ton of frustration, so if by the end you decide to jump on the latest trend wagon or dis it altogether, that cake is already digesting in your stomach and you’re licking off your fingers in a state of both guilt and satisfaction.

(with the promise to kick start a healthy meal & workout plan, come Monday).

Nobody can make a wise decision on an empty stomach.

Truth is, some trends out there can apply to all, and SOME of them only apply to a bunch of people, who are usually aliens and live on air. Such is the case of crop tops, which seem to deliberately refuse to leave the spotlight in Spring Summer 20142014-summer-trend-cropped-tops Perhaps that’s a good thing. By the end of this trend more and more women will have toned stomachs.

Frankly I have no fucking idea how all these street style fashionistats pull it off. Most of them are either editors or established bloggers who presumably have little to no time to even piss in peace let alone hit the gym. How do they do it? bare-midriffs-trend Rag & Bone Women's Collection - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 Back in the ’90’s when this trend was huge and I was tiny it was a piece of cake. Wearing something longer than my belly button was a blaspheme. Blizzard cold or sweaty hot I had a flat stomach to show. And I did. But it was against all earthly & physical laws, cause I ate & drank crap, with hardly ever any exercise.

When my body aligned itself to the humans’ laws I couldn’t care less, cause crop tops were a thang of the past. Until (as of last year or so) they were not anymore.

And somewhere between reminiscing on those ’90’s that I loved so much, and hitting the age which requires a healthy lifestyle (sans le hangovers) here I am, tons of years later – embracing the crop tops trend. With the inherent gulp and a massive fright I’m trying to conceal under a long top, of course. At the end of the day we all need a push for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve just decided mine was CROP TOPS.cropped-tops-trend As I keep day dreaming about flat abs, mountains of chocolate and fancy crop tops, (what? In my universe they coexist.) I can’t help but wonder: 

How in the name of God did they make such a huge comeback? Did I not have enough of them on the 1st round?

Errr. Apparently no. They’re comeback is due to fashion being cyclic, to Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus et all (who were infants or not even born in the 90’s, so are picking on our leftovers), and last but not least to the whole fitness body culture that’s happening today.

More and more women are taking up sports, lifting weights, doing pilates, staying hours in the gym and eating healthy. I hope we do realize youth is not meant to last a lifetime, but I suppose in the hope of prolonging  it, we’ve given birth to this svelte ripped body obsession. Before you stand up and applaud this as today’s major movement, think again. It was born in the ’80’s.

The 90’s had the heroin look (think Kate Moss) and an obsession for boobs, which was a nightmare for most girls. Take my word. Growing up as a enormously tall skinny teenager came with the Kate Moss’ish perks but the flat chest downside. Which, as years and carbs went by, grew in size (alongside everything else), but hey! that’s the one perk of putting on weight and I’ll take it, thank you.

According to the crop tops invasion, today the world is focused on toned abs and flawless stomachs. Hmm. And I thought we were all ass-obsessed. With the Kardashian thing and all. That would have been so much easier. Although, the more thought I give to this tremendously shallow topic, the more I acquiesce to the fact that what is IN today are ripped toned healthy bodies, be it skinny or curvy.

So, does that mean all women wear crop tops in 2014 SS? YES. What? YES. Do you need me to repeat that? YES. YES. YES. 

Listen to this. In 2014 crop tops are more a display of midriffs – above the belly button around your ribs – which is thought to be the most ripped and skinniest part of a woman’s body. So it’s more of a retro look: high waisted anything (jeans, cutoffs, shorts, skirts, trousers etc.) and a crop top that leaves just an inch of your skin for display. bare-midriff bare-midriff-style cropped-sweater-street-style Sure if you want to show kilometers of stomach go ahead. Rub it in our faces, why don’t you? You know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. crop top look crop-top-coachella-style the-crop-top-street-style-paris-milan-new-york-fashion-week-_-3 Another crop top look perfect for normal people is the boxy or larger top that ends around your belly button, right where it meets the top of your trousers and skirts. street-style-crop-tops-bare-midriffs the-crop-top-street-style-paris-milan-new-york-fashion-week-_-1 And now for some fashion inspiration slash sports motivation let’s check out some crop tops styles & how to wear them. ;) croped-tops cropped-shirt-street-style cropped-top-2014-trend cropped-tops-look-for-cold-weather cropped-tops-style cropped-tops-trend-2014-spring-summer cropped-top-winter-streetstyle crop-top-diane-kruger crop-tops-bustiers-street-style crop-top-skirt crop-tops-look crop-top-street-style-summer crop-tops-trend-2014-spring-summer crop-tops-trend-2014-spring-summer-1 grungy-look-cropped-top grungy-look-cropped-top tumblr_mw6cqxKZlO1s5vvv4o1_500 tumblr_mv76v9zRwK1s5vvv4o1_500 IMG_3157 roppedtops-street-style street street-style-crop-top street-style-cropped-top summer-look-crop-top item12.rendition.slideshowVertical.spring-2014-trends-crop-tops spring-2014-trends-cropped-tops Cause we’ve just established we’re all aliens and can pull off this look without contemplating starvation, but with a massive burger shoved up our faces, there is only 1 downside to this trend: we can’t wear crop tops to the office.