What Do You Wear With Your… Coffee?

It got to a point where it’s so comfortable to wear anything from birthday suits to trouser-suits that no wonder coffee is having its moment these days. It’s a bloody Instagram and IRL star.

When everything else fails you know two things: 1) you’ll get you cuppa in the morning when you arrive at the office, or even on your way here, and if you’re into the visual-sartorial shit you’ll probably snap a pic of it with #ootd and everything, AND 2) your cuppa’s gonna be right there for you on lazy weekend mornings when your bed is like a puffy cloud house you don’t wanna leave, or when you’re trying to cure your hangover.

It’s a selfish relationship, I’ll give you that, cause all we do is take take take, and pick our poison based on taste and looks. For me it’s black and then depending on my mood the look will be either basic or too-sophsiticated cup. Are we so wrong in our vanity? I mean we are gonna drink coffee, we might as well make it a fucking party, right?

That I am insane is no news anymore, so if you will… please humour me here, like you’d humour any insane soul who’s completely off the rails. God knows I need the fake support and compassion. — WHAT do YOU wear with your coffee? 

Are you more of a sweater and bare legs in bed kinda gal? A boyfriend T-shirt or shirt in the morning? A powerful heels and fur sophisticated style? A hands glam squad? A sexy coffee woman? A bored-tired-I-need-my-drug kinda gal?

coffee-fashion-trend-1 coffee-fashion-trend-2 coffee-fashion-trend-3 coffee-fashion-trend-9 coffee-fashion-trend-11

HOW do you get the best coffee + #OOTD combo? If you think a great you + coffee relationship is self supporting and au natural you’re one delusional soul, more insane than me. YES, sometimes due to great light and a perfectly perfect mood (so rare though) all it takes is one click. Most of the times it’s a process of the cup itself, against the city life, against the table, alongside perfectly done nails, rings, watches, tattoos, glimpses of your outfit, or your face…

Probably the best outfit to wear for your date with coffee is your sexy or cozy pyjama. Just cause in bed… everything works God dammit.

And speaking of bed, and that angle of the convo… when it comes to boys, cause they too drink coffee, I found it very interesting that they tend to look best while sipping on a cuppa at some artsy underground coffee shop where the light is playing catch me if you can with the shadows, and the boy toy in question is so effortlessly hot in his rolled up sleeves shirt, and disheveled hair, and perhaps has got those sleeve tats that ALL men with a penchant for coffee seem to have. Sigh.

Of course there’s the other option too for boys, the barely there outfits and their hot effortless manner in preparing coffee in the morning. Yeah.

Snap out of it.


coffee-fashion-trend-4 coffee-fashion-trend-5 coffee-fashion-trend-6 coffee-fashion-trend-7 coffee-fashion-trend-10 coffee-fashion-trend-12 coffee-fashion-trend-13 coffee-fashion-trend-14 coffee-fashion-trend-15 coffee-fashion-trend-16 coffee-fashion-trend-17 coffee-fashion-trend-18 coffee-fashion-trend-19 coffee-fashion-trend-20 coffee-fashion-trend-21 coffee-fashion-trend-23 coffee-fashion coffee-in-bed coffee-mugs-style coffee-to-go-looks fashion-coffee

Coffee. Fashion. Trends. And the best coffee fashion moment:


Of course, Friday’s almost here and all of a sudden a bottle of wine and the exquisite taste it leaves you with, and the infinite possibilities it holds suddenly seems more appealing.

Yeah. Welcome to my deranged up-there-world, where it’s one thing I crave, another I lust, another I love, and a complete different one I’ll have.

And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go have my second cuppa for today.