Is Coachella This Summer’s Fashion Preview?

elle-08-diane-kruger-street-style-coachella-2014-v-xlnBra tops, ankle boots, sneakers, tropical prints, crop tops, hats, body jewellery, tousled hair and messy braids, weave knits, black, white, and nude outfits, long vests, lace, fringes, backpacks, tiny bags and fanny packs. Fuck me. It’s like the all year around existing trends had a conference and decided to meet up in the desert at Coachella.

And they brought some new cool (once un-cool) kids to the party, like fanny packs?!! Massive ring noses (Kendall Jenner I’m looking at you). Off the shoulder tops and whatever was 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s cool, whether in-your-face as if you’ve just had a leap in time, or beautifully reinvented. coachella-2014-street-styleThere’s something about the dusty desert in that twilight red yellow light, best music playing, best friends by your side, drinks in one hand and outfits that go with your mood rather than a certain trend, a bit of buzz going on and tons of Instagram moments that I confess I’m longing for and crazy about. It’s rebellious. Youthful. Careless and wild. I love that. summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (9)The fashion at Coachella is among my favorite street styles of them all. This sense of being from outta trends yet piling on them by whatever your mood dictates rather than what’s hot out there one moment, or compromising between the 2 and letting your creativity run loose gives birth to some of the best looks ever: rock chick outfits, bohemian rebel child, sexy careless girls, 90’s grungy teens…

The more I scroll through all the great street style pics the more it hits me: could all these cool kids at Coachella set the trends for this summer? Cause seriously they’re draped in all possible styles & looks, and clashing items like fashion schizophrenics, while looking fabulous.

I kinda see streets this summer packed with boho chic outfits and rocker chick styles. Girls having fun with clothes and clashing all the trends out there while going shopping, having lunches on hot summer days and being ready to hit the pools or the beaches anytime it gets too hot. coachella-2014-street-style-all-blackcoachella-2014-street-style-hats (2)coachella-2014-street-style-summer-styleSo in case we’re wondering what to wear this summer, I think Coachella pretty much sums it up. At least for days-off, weekend getaways and beach outfits.

Crop tops & bustierscoachella-fashion-2014-summer (7)coachella-street-style-23Sneakers obsession is huge (click here for more). Everyone is wearing them with anything. coachella-2014-street-style (2)summer-street-style-coachella-2014 (7)Summer ankle boots: nude & brown shades of square heeled and flat ankle boots, cut-out boots, cowboy styles. Really refreshing to see we’ve strayed a bit from the moto slash combat foot fashion in favor of something lighter & more feminine but still grungy and rocknroll. elle-07-coachelle-street-style-day-3-v-xlnsummer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (6)Accessories craze: fun sunglasses with mirrored or round lenses, flowers in your hair, scarves, body jewelry, tiny thin layers of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and ring-bracelets are IN.

Hats. Massive flapper styles or vintage fedora or cowboy hats.coachella-2014-street-style-mirror-sunniescoachella-2014-street-style-hatsCoachella-Street-Style-2014-17_113822421817Cutoffs, long vests, maxi skirts, all-black or all-white outfits versus neon clothes, tropical prints, bright colors. Funky combos versus plain simple styles. And tons, I repeat tons of gladiator sandals & lace-ups.

Let’s have a look and get some summer inspiration ;) coachella-fashion-2014-summer (2)coachella-fashion-2014-summer (3)coachella-fashion-2014-summer (4)coachella-fashion-2014-summer (5)coachella-fashion-2014-summer (6)coachella-fashion-2014-summer (8)coachella-fashion-2014-summer (9)coachella-street-style-20coachella-street-style-21Coachella-Street-Style-2014-16_113821864813Coachella-Street-Style-2014-22_113826502352coachella-street-style-crop-topcoachella-summer-fashion-inspiration (3)coachella-summer-fashion-inspiration (5)coachella-summer-fashion-inspirationsummer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (3)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (4)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (5)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (7)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (10)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (11)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (12)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (13)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (14)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (15)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (16)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style- (17)summer-2014-fashion-coachella-street-style-summer-street-style-coachella-2014 (3)summer-street-style-coachella-2014 (5)summer-street-style-coachella-2014 (6)summer-street-style-coachella-2014 (8)summer-street-style-coachella-2014summer-trends-coachella (3)summer-trends-coachella (4)summer-trends-coachella (5)summer-trends-coachella (6)summer-trends-coachellasummer-trends-coachella-hats-jewellerythe-coachella-look-summer-2014 (2)the-coachella-look-summer-2014 (3)the-coachella-look-summer-2014 (4)the-coachella-look-summer-2014 (6)the-coachella-look-summer-2014 (8)the-coachella-look-summer-2014 (9)the-coachella-look-summer-2014the-coachella-look-summer-2014 (7)All is in, what differentiates one from another and makes great visuals and pics is personal style. And that… is the best thing about fashion today.