Coachella Fashion Close-up! What To Wear To The Festival? Grunge & Boho-chic Looks & Styles…

coachella-fashion (2) It’s not too long now until Coachella 2013 Music Festival is here and tons of grunge looks, bohemian styles and trashy don’t-give-a-damn attitudes will rain on us. What is Coachella? Why it’s the funkiest and coolest music and fashion event of the year, where the 90’s meet the 60’s and the 70’s altogether. It don’t get better than that, trust me! All the hipster kids, celebs, artists, musicians, bands gather in the desert to party, listen to music and most importantly look AMAZING, as if there’s no tomorrow. Of course without trying. That’s the secret. If you can’t wear it to the office, or even feel secure going out in it… than it’ll rock for Coachella. Think – you in the 90’s or 70’s and you’ll nail it. Even if you were’t even born. It’s a fun style & creative exercise.

In case you fancy it, here are a few tips on how to dress boho-chic on a budget. boho-chic-styles-coachella coachella-fashion This year Coachella 2013 begins on April 12 and will probably gather fantastic music & fab styles. If you’re one of the cool kids attending this year and wanna blend in fashion wise… keep in mind a few things: have fun (d’ohhh) and let your hair down style wise. Some of the must-have attire includes: vintage/grunge boots, gladiator sandals, fedora hats, cut-offs, cropped tops or slouchy T-shirts, maxi dresses/skirts, feathers in your hair, loads of rings & bracelets, headbands… oh and always a drink in your hand and a disposition to party. coachella-style When you say Coachella Fashion, even though the best rule is actually no rule at all (I always encourage you to just say to hell with all the must-does) basically there are 2 styles or looks that everyone  is doing, from celebs like Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Bosworth, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens to anyone attending who just loves music. So… what am I rambling about?

Grunge & Rock’n roll Style!

It’s always been a trend at Coachella, but now with all this 90’s are back obsession (click here for more) it’s bound to get even bigger. Yeah I know, is that even possible? Well…YEAH. And thank God for that. I swear the 90’s are the best, they’ve just got that effing vibe to them and liberating feeling. I mean we’ve all been there, and those 90’s rock stars (who are like our long time bff’s) will always have us in the grunge mood in an instant. Seriously now… raise your hands if you’ve never been obsessed with Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Guns’n Roses and the likes of them? Anyone? Exactly my point. How to nail the 90’s grunge look? With the risk of sounding redundant I will however ditch on the style tips (though it’s hardly any ditching with everyone doing this look already, anyways) – cut-offs, cropped tops, bustiers, black, grunge boots, tennis shoes, flannels, flower-print-spaghetti-strap dresses, denim jackets, boyfriend T-shirts et all. Here are a few Coachella street style grunge looks for inspiration :)  alessandra-ambrosio-grunge-coachella grunge-coachella-style grunge-style-coachella Boho-chic Style at Coachella!

When in doubt always go for the 70’s look: big hats, maxi dresses, skirts or flared trousers, loads of prints and color, tons of jewelry,  headbands and feathers, cropped tops, bustiers, cowboy boots or gladiator sandals… the sky’s the limit. Here are a few boho-chic Coachella street style photos that just literally make me wanna jump on the 1st plane and land in the desert. Yeah I know… I’ve always been a big dreamer :) Isabel Lucas hAnd In Hand Stroll With Angus Stone At Coachella street-style-coachella-boho0chic vanessa-hudgens-coachella-style street-style-coachella-hat street-style-coachella-maxi-dress Vanessa-Hudgens-At-Coachella-cut-offs street-style-coachella-maxi-skirt How To Get The Coachella Look? 

Show Me Your Mumu have some absolutely brilliant boho-chic style clothes that just have Coachella written all over them: cropped tees, maxi dresses, trousers, skirts, cut-offs, retro dresses, grunge styles, 70’s bohemian fashion reinvented… I confess I’m in love with their clothes & looks. Here they are:  show-me-your-mumu-how-to-get-coachella-look show-me-your-mumu-pants coachella-boho-chic-show-me-your-mumu show-me-your-mumu-boho-coachella-style show-me-your-mumu-coachella-inspired-looks show-me-your-mumu-maxi-skirt style-me-your-mumu-coachell If you’re on the more classic side, and will never switch sides to the grunge or boho styles… I’ve got a few aces down my sleeve for you too – YOON clothes may be the best thing for you: simple, fun, slightly retro and quite versatile. Pile on jewellery and jazz them up with a cool hat, bag, grunge boots, or a pair of funky shades for a complete Coachella Style. coachella-style-YOON-look Need more Coachella Style inspo? Here are a few more street style photos from the uber funky music festival to get you right in the mood. See you in the desert :) coachella-street-style (2) coachella-street-style coachella-style-cut-offs coachella-style-dress coachella-style-grunge-chic fashion-coachella fashion-style-coachella-

Have a lovely weekend :) xoxo