Fashionably Late.

Whether or not you give a shit, imma tell you something anyway: ever since I met this sophisticated flawless and flawed mama called Fashion, I’m always late. All. The. Time. And *this* is happening to somebody – as in moi – who was never late. Actually, if anything I was always early. But you see, it’s not cool to be early, or so I’ve heard. Plus there’s a ton of stuff we gotta mingle by the time we’re 30, and this alone is a great excuse for those 15 min late. Okay, sometimes. 20. Maybe 30. Sometimesss perhaps an hour. So kill me.

If you add in this life equation the brilliance and headaches fashion alone gives us – well, then we’re pretty much fucked. I mean leave it to me to be buried in clothes, and then bitch about not having anything to wear, being so creatively at a loss that I almost always end up in jeans and a tee. And then I get those ignoramus stares and raised eyebrows all the way to the back if their heads: ‘THIS is why you’re late?! Ugh.’ Ugh, yourself, thank you very much.

To my defence I am trying though. And now… ever since I was gifted with THIS beautiful watch from Elliot Havok – I seriously have no more excuses.

dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-5 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-30 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-7

If I were to say one thing about this watch – style wise – it’d be ‘dayumn’. A reaction that might come as a shock to many. Or not. While I may across as a girl who’s quite obsessed with bling, and opulence, and in-your-face statements – I ain’t saying I’m not. Uh-huh. I’m owning that shit – but sometimes I do love a bit of balance. God knows I need it in my life. On all levels. Fashion is the least of my concerns of course, but I gotta start somewhere, right?

The watch I’m wearing in this post – Oxford Havok Watch – is a masculine style, with a black leather belt, a classic, minimalist design which makes it so so easy to wear and style with anything.

For example: if I’m wearing something very loud, and very colourful, bold, or urban-glam the watch balances the whole look. It really blends in.

If however I wear something simple and classic like the look in this post – beige suede culottes, white top, classic heels, and an office bag – it compliments the look. It’s clean, professional, slightly trendy. Not too over the top.

classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-3 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-23 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-35

Elliot Havok‘s classic watches have that fashion classic minimalist quality to them, and THAT is precisely the reason they look amazing and can translate this sophistication and incredibly good taste to whatever it is you’re wearing. I always find this watch to be a bit French-chic with a twist of retro, a dash of masculinity, and a grown up refinement that comes with age, and perfected style.

And its most important trait: it helps me tell time, hence trying to prevent me from running late. Does it succeed? Imma let my friends get back to me on that one.

I wasn’t running late when my friend and I were shooting this blogpost. That’s gotta count for something. And by the way, as always it was a great early evening, when again we had tones of fun working at magic hour, we got creative, we were in the mood, we had our chats and rants, and at the end of the day we came up with these pics.

*dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-1 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-4 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-6 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-8 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-9 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-11 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-12 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-13 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-14 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-15 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-16 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-17 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-18-dana-cristina-straut classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-20 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-21 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-22 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-25-dana-cristina-straut dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-26 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-27 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-29 classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-33 dana-cristina-straut-classic-watches-thefashiontag-elliot-havok-35

Errr… if you too have a thing for classic watches, for fantastic designs, you’re a bit of a sartorial too, or you’re just chronically running late – Elliot Havok got your back.

SHOP the Oxford Havok Watch here | Elliot Havok

Photos by my wonderful friend and photographer Florina Ciupertea. Thank you!

Follow her on Instagram for some amazing photos – @florinaciupertea