Is Fashion Going Back To Basics In 2023?

Or perhaps to classics AND basics? What I’m witnessing for a while now is a recent and beautifully redundant penchant we haver for simple, classic, more timeless looks and styles. I. might also be projecting here or have one of those wishful thinking moments where I’m secretly hoping everyone just goes for all black looks, or white shirt and jeans style. I know, I know this is quite shocking coming from me, a used to be writer of trends… I still LOVE trends, as I still love fashion and clothes but I do feel as I’m getting older I’m just loving more simple styles. These days I’m more comfortable in a clean look rather than a circus, but I adore those who adorn themselves in loud fashion choices and rock them. I’m just at a stage in my life where I’m applauding these looks and loving the hot trends while sitting aside in let’s say a pair of classic Levis, a white top and a black blazer. Boring you say… comfy & classic I reply.

Wearing these kinds of looks on repeat has what got me thinking about this new era in fashion. Is it so, or am I just making shit up?!

Cause let me just say 2 out of 3 looks on Instagram are of girls in some sort of variation of the above, and since Instagram has turned into my Vogue these days… (I know, how completely sad and terrifying!!!) I am calling dibs on this new era in fashion.

So what are these basics and classics we, or I, seem to prefer to trends?

1.Tailored trousers and the basic top + blazer look.

You can go sporty cool, casual chic, or office elegant with this. And adapt it to almost all seasons and personal styles. You can keep it clean and minimal or accessorise it a lot depending on what you like basically.

2. Classic jeans and white shirt

THIS is the holy grail of style. The secret is in the fit and and quality of the fabrics, so invest in a good pair of classic jeans that fit YOU, and a shirt that you like. Personally I prefer classic man inspired button down shirts, that are tucked in high waisted jeans. A chunky necklace, earrings, or more dainty pieces are some ideas you can choose from to accessorise this… Also in terms of shoes… they tend to set the tone of the look, so opt for stilettos if office sexy is your thing, kitten heels are a more comfy option, classic ballet flats are making a comeback, and then it’s loafers, brogues, sneakers, boots – for a million other styles and vibes.


3. Basic pieces put together.

Mix in the neutrals, blacks, and whites, and opt for very high quality fabrics and classic cuts, but have fun with mixing different styles. For example wear a luxe suit with a ribbed tank top. Whatever is classic, timeless and has a beautiful cut to it – that’s your friend right there.


4. Feminine classic dresses. 

Think Ellie Saab meets Victoria Secret meets Calvin Klein. Throw in a high slit, maybe draped style, monochromatic, luxe materials, mid length and I think I might be into dresses all of a sudden.

5. Timeless pieces are making a comeback. 

The trench coat, the leather jacket, and the suit are three of my fave pieces and while they’ve never been out of style, they’ve taken a seat back for the past couple of years. I wanna blame the pandemic for this, I mean we all dressed down and cared less about fashion during covid… But now we seem to gravitate more towards these classic picks and I’m here for it.

xoxo D.