Why Chunky Sneakers Are Actually For Everyone?

The chunky sneakers have been on my mind, and my list of outfits since Paris Fashion Week AW18, but as you might have known from my Insta-stories, some technical issues #macproproblemos – brutally separated me from my blog, hence why I, quite erratically, used my insta polls to ask you guys who follow me there about certain 2018 spring trends, like the chunky sneakers.

The outcome was bad.

Most people hated these dad sneakers, which only made me question my fashion sanity, and whether or not there really is an age limit to certain trends. Is there? And if so, am I lesser for not wanting to respect it? Or am I actually so fashion thirsty #victim that I’ll take any crazes and fads these days to make up for God knows what sartorial issues I might have?

Besides, their comeback was actually quite predictable given all the 80s trends out there.

AND if there’s anything that we are proud of these days – in terms of fashion movement – it’s basically our ability to juggle and mix everything with anything and come out as damn masters of personal style.

Don’t you think?

Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself it’s okay to literally love chunky sneakers.

Yes, fashion these days is less about super pretty outfits and more about personal statements, comfort, some edge, some conveyed message, personal style – hence the rise of chunky sneakers worn with incredibly pretty outfits. Dainty looks are being clashed all over inatagram with these heavy sporty 80s shoes.

Think about your cute outfits meet Jerry Seinfeld like sneakers from back in the day. It’s a stronger look, and… I’ll say it… it’s fucking comfortable.

I mean I’ve seen IRL women in their late 30s and 40s on their way to some posh job that probably required a certain dress code, running around London in their expensive dresses, and 2 piece power suits, in running shoes, aka chunky sneakers. Why bother with high heels on the bus or the tube, or those crowded morning streets, when you can actually shoes-swap as soon as you enter your office?

Maybe it was them, these string women who decided ‘enough!’ We’ll turn this into some trend and call it a day, or maybe they’re the ones who teach us that wearing chunky shoes has nothing to do with age. Or fashion. (because ugly fashion or anti fashion is so cool these days. #eyeroll)

However we turn this discussion I still have one question: do you really not like these dad sneakers, OR are you fashion skeptical, and would give em a try, but don’t know how this fashion journey sits with you, with the world… ?

If you hate them, fine. Hate them and be happy. Nevertheless, if you’re not sure, do this: go get one affordable pair (don’t splurge just yet on those L. Vuitton chunky sneakers, or Stella McCartney styles) and wear them on a lazy Saturday. See how it goes.


HOW To Wear Chunky Sneakers (if you don’t really like them but kinda wanna try them out)

If you’re in your early 20s you can wear them with any type of sporty outfit. Spring is here so take out your simple sporty jersey dresses, or pair them with oversized dress-sweatshirts, cut-offs and a t-shirt, jeans and tee. Simple looks.

If you’re over the fashion trends victim age I’d say give them a try with jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket. Or leggings and a cool sweatshirt.


HOW To Wear Chunky Sneakers If You Love Them So Much 

  • jeans X tee
  • summer dresses (any lengths) X denim/leather jackets on top
  • shorts
  • a-line skirts
  • sporty jersey dresses
  • a power suit
  • mini skirts and a flirty top
  • midi dresses
  • gym clothes

I know you hate me saying this redundantly but just wear them with anything. Aim for strong looks, not necessarily common-sense-pretty. These dad sneakers paired with the exact opposite – say a flirty casual summer dress – is like wearing that dress with espadrilles for example, except with chunky sneakers the look is more powerful. Normcore meets fashion sophisticated a la 2018, with a dash of I don’t care what I look like.


So what do you think: YES or NO?

xoxo D.