Christmas & NYE Party Looks Inspo: Sequins, Dresses, Fancy Tops…

If you’re living in a chaos of outfit options, or a pile of don’t knows about wear to this year’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, just know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So stick your head out of that massive load of clothes you’ve been buried under since… well forever, take a deep breath, and let fashion inspo do its magic on you.

For the record, I feel your pain as I’m writing this from underneath my pile of a mess and outfits with nothing to wear. That’s just how it is and how it’ll always be. But let’s be honest here, we adore the frenzy of both Christmas and NYE party outfits. We love the fashion drama that comes with it, for 2 reasons: extra shopping and playing dress up.

party-looks-Christmas-New-Years-Eve (3)

With the risk of sounding slightly cynical here, I will say it though: I feel like there’s not much left we could do style wise.

Okay feel free to roll your eyes right now and give me your ‘bitch please’ attitudes, but just think about it – sequins, black, nude, leather, lace, pants, dresses, skirts, chicness… hair, makeup, shoes… it’s all been pretty much done before. All. Of. It.

So what do we do? Cause our fashion toys are still the same. Well unless you wanna go butt naked. But even that’s been done before by Rihanna. I give it a few years before some gal decides she’s too cool for clothes at some Christmas or New Year’s party.

What we could do is basically just keep reinventing our outfits, and step out of our comfort zones a little bit, while keeping our personal touch. Or not. Just wearing something completely different could be liberating and fresh, right.

Christmas-NYE-party-looks Christmas-party-dresses

Fancy Tops & Details. One thing that’s major right now, courtesy of the 90s trends comeback is the party tops paired with jeans and sexy shoes. That’t it. It’s a very affordable look, very easy to do, and leaves you working more on details: hair, makeup, nails, jewelry.

A sequin top, a bare back blouse, a posh tank top, shirt or even a sequined bra from underneath a sheer top can look fabulous paired with a pair of simple skinny jeans or boyfriend pants and sexy stilettos.

Christmas-party-dresses (8) Christmas-party-style-sequin-bras

Keep the silhouette balance: if the top is loose, do the fitted bottoms, and viceversa. Or if you can pull off the slouchy look, do it. Avoid super fitted and high heeled outfits though, unless you’re banging hot (which I’m sure you are) then just flaunt it baby!

Christmas-party-style-sequin-top party-looks-Christmas (3) party-looks-Christmas (4)

Statement skirts. They will always be in. Always. I love sequined mini skirts and leather skirts paired with a more understated top and great jewelry. Messy hair looks great with this look. Stiletto ankle boots as well.


Feather skirts and tulle skirts are also great picks.

Christmas-party-looks- (4) party-looks-Christmas-feather-skirt

Or you could choose to wear a pencil skirt, as they’re massive this season. Just don them with a more of a statement top, to avoid the office look. A crop top looks fab with a tight pencil skirt.

party-looks-Christmas (2)

Long skirts, think red carpet, or evening styles are having a major comeback. Think Khloe Kardashian in her high slit or asymmetric skirts. LOVE.

Christmas-party-looks-long-dress-Khloe-Kardashian Christmas-party-looks-skirt-crop-top

Dresses. Sequin dresses are still major, and I love those mini fitted styles with sleeved. They are so hot. Also a very sophisticated take on the sequin dress is the looser cut, slouchier. Think Kate Moss. Messy hair and all.

Christmas-party-looks-sequins (3) Christmas-party-looks-sequins (5) Christmas-party-looks-sequins (2)

Black dresses will always be a saving ticket. A big party trend this winter is the white dress. Short flirty, or more fitted styles, white dresses can be pretty versatile and look really cute and feminine, or slightly edgy when paired with a dark lip color and stiletto black boots.

Christmas-party-dresses (9) Christmas-party-dresses (3) Christmas-party-dresses (5)

Jumpsuits. I’m having a major crush right now on jumpsuits and I really think they are so incredibly sexy and effortless – perfect for a winter holiday party. Black and white styles are my favorite in either long or short designs. Short designs look best with long sleeves and a deep V-cut, while long jumpsuits are great with a bare back design, strapless, halter neck…


Other than that… just do you, OR try a different look: from minimal to elegant, to sophisticated all the way to over the top all is in and all looks fab as long as we own it ladies.

And now the pics. P.S. Rihanna & the Jenner girls are pretty great sources of party looks inspo. ;)

Christmas-party-dresses (2) Christmas-party-dresses (4) Christmas-party-dresses (6) Christmas-party-dresses (7) Christmas-party-looks- (2) Christmas-party-looks- (3) Christmas-party-looks Christmas-party-looks- Christmas-party-looks- Christmas-party-looks-Alexa-Chung Christmas-party-looks-blazer Christmas-party-looks-dress-thigh-high-boots Christmas-party-looks-heels-leather-pants Christmas-party-looks-Rihanna Christmas-party-looks-Rihanna-dress Christmas-party-looks-sequins (4) Christmas-party-looks-sequins Christmas-party-looks-sexy-heels Christmas-party-looks-stylish-couple Christmas-party-style (2) Christmas-party-style (3) Christmas-party-style (4) party-looks-Christmas-Rihanna Christmas-party-style (5) party-looks-Christmas party-looks-Christmas-New-y party-looks-Christmas-New-Years-Eve (2) party-dresses-New-Years-Eve party-looks-Christmas-New-Years-Eve

Have a fabulous Christmas y’all and remember, always have fun with fashion!