Choosing A Motel

As a traveller, at some point you are going to need accommodation to get you through the night. And that too must be kept within the entire travel budget.

Whether you are a sightseer or a traveler who is forced to transit to another city, you need to know what to consider before choosing a place to spend the night.  Here’s what to consider before choosing a motel:

1. Your Requirements

Regardless of who you are, the basic checklist for choosing a motel remains the same. Cleanliness and tidiness are your foremost priority with access to good amenities and facilities. If your motel is rundown, you should not think twice about spending too much money on it.

You can instead, spend a little more money and get a much better motel with cleaner and higher quality facilities. Another thing to consider which people often overlook when choosing motels, is the presence of insects and bugs that have the ability to cling to your clothes and follow you everywhere you go. That combined with the paper thin walls can make you regret not choosing a better motel elsewhere. Again, scout out the place for cleanliness – if it isn’t kept very clean, you can bet the place has hygiene issues which means a hotspot for insects and bugs.

2. Locality

There is no point in choosing a motel which is secluded and isolated from the rest of the world. Chances are that you do not have your own personal mode of transport and that can make commuting a big hassle for you. Always go for well-known motels which are closer to the city and tourist attractions; for one thing, you’ll get to see the sights and sounds the city has to offer, while getting to know some of the local folks.

3. Safety

This should be a top most priority as robberies and muggings are common in motels located in dark and  secluded areas. Your trip can end almost instantly in regret and anger should you fall victim to such incidents. And there is a high chance you will, if you do not plan your trip accordingly. Always make sure the motel is in a safe and secure location so that no unforeseen calamity befalls you. The entrance to the motel particularly should be well lit.

Tobermory cottages fit the bill well. But since they are not everywhere, make sure to keep the above tips in mind to choose a motel that fits your needs the best.


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