Will The Checkered Obsession Take Over This Spring? YES Or NO To The Checkerboard Print Trend?

checkered-trend (2) Apparently 2013 Spring is bringing to the spotlight a trend I am quite reticent to… The Checkerboard Print Trend. Responsible for the fashion victims turned clowns over night is none other than Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton with his 2013-2014 Spring /Summer collection. Remember last fall at fashion week in Paris when the runway was literally invaded with these squares in black, white, yellows and mellow greens? It was quite a psychedelic feeling as if we’d all shrunk and fell on a huge checkerboard. All in all the check prints looked amazing. That’s on the catwalk. The clothes had that 1960’s retro vibe to them, a calm sexy proper femininity that was taken forward by the cheeky cuts and designs (mini dresses & skirts, cropped tops etc). In real life… I’ve got my doubts about this checkered trend, hence the hard time I had finding street style photos. First I thought it was a too fresh of a trend but then it hit me: nobody wants to look like a clown or like a granny stuck in a chic (true!) but dated past. Because let me tell you, with the checkerboard trend that’s the biggest risque. Unless you nail it down 100% and make it look trendy, modern or give it a certain twist… you might end up looking demented.  check-fashion-trend checkered-trend check-print-dress (2) Here’s a brief look at what designers are telling us it’s OK to wear: Checkerboard Trend Runway balmain-checkerboard checkerboard-look checkerboard-style-heels-pants Louis-Vuitton-check-blag louis-vuitton-checkerboard-mini-dress Louis-Vuitton-checkered-bag Louis Vuitton RTW Spring Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week October 2012 runway-checkerboard-prints And a dip into the nostalgic past when checkerboard was a must-have print on clothes, with every woman from the housewife to the bombshell donning it. They looked great for that time,  but we don’t want to look like caricature versions of ourselves, with a little of Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham going on, do we? (Retro Checkerboardretro-checkerboard-blouse retro-checkerboard-prints Yet I cannot contain my smirk thinking how some fashion lovers out there (me included) might try out this trend and walk around town thinking how fashion forward we looked when in fact, people are staring for the wrong reasons… Ha! But what is it about the checkerboard print that is so intriguing (besides its psychedelic design)? I suppose it’s the retro feminine vibe it transpires and the challenge that comes with it: making it look fun/elegant/classy/edgy/modern. So I decided to take this trend up on this challenge and try to style some checkerboard looks and see how they turn out. Though I let my creativity run wild with some of these sets, mixing and matching check prints, basically I think getting this trend right is about sticking to one trendy checkered item. I love a checkered  fitted dress that can be worn with colored heels or ballet pumps. Pile on statement jewellery and a leather jacket for some edge! The checkered tops look amazing with jeans (cut-offs, boyfriend or skinny jeans) depending on the look you want. Or you can mix them with a solid color trouser suit and a blazer for a more professional style.

Checkerboard Look & Style – Black & White Dress

check mate trend 4

black-white-square-dress checkerboard-dress Funky Check Prints!

check mate trend 3

checkerboard-print-street-style checkerboard-trend Retro Chic Checkered Style!

check mate trend 2

miumiu-check-prints checkered-top Smart & Rich Check Prints Look!

Check Mate Trend 1

checkerboard-mini-skirt checkered-prints With black & white being a huge trend in itself this spring, no wonder it spread onto the checks so most of these squares are in these classic tones. If the streets might have been a bit too reticent (at least so far) to the checks I cannot say the same thing about celebs. Jessica Alba & Kristen Stewart have embraced this print and looked stunning on the red carpet in checkerboard dresses. What the street have embraced about this trend though are the statement check prints: a bag, shoes, reinvented squares, a simple top or a a blazer. jessica-alba-checkerboard-dress kristen-stewart-checkerboard-dress checks-style check-print-style check-print-balenciaga-heels elisa-nalin-checkered-blazer lady_gaga_checkered_dress leighton_meester_checks-prints checkboard-print-skirt-street-style nicky_hilton_checered-shirt Nicole Scherzinger Stops By Kiss FM selena-gomez-check-print-dress square-prints-street-style check-prints-street-style Then there are the colored funky check prints that look amazing if you know how to style them. For some inspiration check out Susie Bubble‘s quirky street style. She loves prints and she’s the master of mixing and matching them. Checkerboard included. Actually the checkered colored outfits are more easily styled and tend to look a bit more modern. And I actually like these. It’s a bit of a statement you make I guess. Besides, this checkered style or checkerboard trend might just be one of those trends you need to adapt, reinvent, have fun with. And you might just find you niche!  checks-prints-street-style checkerboard-trousers (2) checkerboard-trousers checkered-blazer check-print-shoes color-check-dress prada-check-prints-street-style Jessica White and Solange Knowles arrive for the Tribeca Ball at the NY Academy of Art In all honesty, as I’m writing this I am still feeling a bit uncertain… I mean I might just get up one day and love the checkerboard print and drape myself in it from head to toe. Who knows? Until then I shall remain open to it and stick to a few checked items I do like: tops and maybe a fitted dress. I’m just so curious to know where you guys stand on this one. Are you loving this Checkerboard Trend or not?