Classic & Luxe

There are dresses, and then there are DRESSES. When it comes to CECILY dresses – my favourite dresses brand for office & events – that’s how I cut a long story short. And trust me this is coming from a woman whose eyes wander more often than not over to edgier and sometimes more extravagant pieces. But, if my age and sartorial adventures have taught me anything it’s that sometimes classic and luxurious are winning tickets.

You can never, in a million years beat a classic cut dress, perfect for office or even some more formal events. Sure, you can give it a slight edge and twist and make it your own, but it remains a classic one.

So I take my hat off to Cecily dresses for this. They really deliver to the perfect clean cut and refined look that women want in a dress. They understand it 100%, so their dresses are the go-to-itmes for occasions when you want to look and FEEL your best in the classiest way possible. And YES, comfort wise they’re fantastic, all the three dresses I wore felt like second skin, a bit stretchy so it feels natural to move, but fitted so you know your dress is like an armour for luxury on you. Quality wise, shut the front door. It’s more than you can ever bargain for.

They got me, and I’m a hard nut to crack when it comes to classic over trendy, but I felt like a 1950s movie star, or like some Italian rich woman from a James Bond film. I do realise the resemblance is hardly striking and the illusion is solely in my head, but that’s fine with me, you know.

I do belive we sometimes dress for comfort or for nailing effortless looks, but sometimes a woman wants to feel powerful, sexy, successful, bossy, fashionable, while all the while incredibly feminine and herself. Cecily dresses make this happen. They do for me.

I am wearing: Natasha Dress | Karen Dress (in red) | Gina Dress (in black)

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Okay, you’re probably thinking it so imma just say it… which one was my favourite? You could point a gun to my head and I still could’t tell you.

Gina dress is more my style and I felt like this rich woman in a Bond series wearing it. But then a week earlier when I had Karen dress on I was in love with it. I LOVE it still. And Natasha fit me like a glove. It’s a tie ladies, that’s how great these dresses are. It’s like they give me these moods that I live in for the rest of the day.

And what day it was. Each day wearing them and shooting photos with my talented photographer pal – was a day well spent. It always is, but it did feel cinema-like, and if I’m a sucker for anything it’s fashion and movies. So I got a bit of both worlds with this editorial.

And now ALL the photos.

Karen Dress 


cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-6 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-4 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-2 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-5 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-1 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-9 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-11 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-7 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-10 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-8 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-12 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-13 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-14 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-16 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-15 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-22 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-24 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-19 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-20 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-23 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-25 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-27 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-29 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-30 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-26 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-31 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-34 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-32 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-38 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-36 cecily-dresses-dana-cristina-straut-thefashiontag-37

Natasha Dress


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Gina Dress


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Thank you Cecily for yet again another fabulous collaboration. Your dresses, I just can’t say no to, and I LOVE that.

Thank you Florina Ciupertea for the amazing photos.

Get the look and shop for fab dresses here:

CECILY Shop | Natasha dress | Gina Dress | Karen dress