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Accessorizing your outfit is one of the best ways to personalize it and stand out from the crowd even wearing pretty regular clothing items. It’s not expensive either… of course, if you’re not a pashmina fan. You can choose from a high variety of scarves, having different textures, prints and fabrics to suit your wardrobe all year long.

So here we have the winter scarves to keep us warm during the cold season. You can wear them in a loose tie style, with the ends hanging at your front or wrapped around your neck… you can also choose fur (fake) ;) to keep you warm. You can always pair a spring scarf with a winter coat, remember the “No rules” rule? :)



fur-scarf-styleYou can add some happiness to your outfit by wearing your favorite color scarf. You can wear it even with your business outfit and match it with your lipstick or nail polish, you don’t have to be as grey as all your other colleagues… be the one who brings some color to a boring office atmosphere.

green-scarf-styleAnd here’s the famous Russian print scarf. When I was little, it used to be a must have among grannies :) …  and now, it’s a fashion trend and I love it, you just need to have a bit of imagination to pair it with the right items. I would wear it with a leather jacket, a white t-shirt, skinny jeans and high heels for a classy chic style or even sneakers for a casual trendy style. russian-scarf-stylescarves-street-stylePlaid scarf and animal print shoes, nice choice :) scarf-style-trendAnd of course animal print scarves, you can wear them to add that little something to your outfit, or you can mix them with printed trousers (flower print let’s say)… wear a plain top though. scarf-fashion-styleanimal-print-scarfIf you want a scarf that enhances your clothes with a luxurious look and adds elegance to your outfit, the silk scarf is the perfect way to go.

scarf-men-styleIf you want to try something different in terms of fashion, here are some ways to play with this item and wear it as a hair accessory. You can wear it as a summer accessory adding a bit of jazz to your style or use it to cover your head on a bad hair day ;) Choose a nice print or color to match your outfit and you’ll have a look to catch the eyes :) head-wrap-scarvesscarf-head-wrap-stylescarf-head-wrapphotos from:;;; 

article by Ghintare Survilante

The mission of a fashion blog is generally to talk about trends, but let’s talk also about styles that never go out of fashion, it’s either you like them or you don’t. This week I’ll try to give you an insight into the preppy style. For those of you who are not so familiar with this trend, the term preppy derives from the expensive pre-college preparatory or prep schools that upper- middle-class children on the United States’s Northeastern states sometimes attend. The usage of preppy in American high schools is quite often used to refer to a fashion choice, rather than the preppy lifestyle associated with upper-class East Coast preps. Prep in American high schools, simply refers to those who dress preppy. Preppy fashion started in the late 1940s and 1950s and is still an embraced style nowadays with brands like J. Press, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren representing it.

In the beginning Preppy Style was all about argyle sweaters, chinos, madras, Nantucket Reds, button down Oxford cloth shirts, polo shirts and boat shoes. These are still the main distinctive features these days, but fashion has evolved a lot over time so prep style got “altered” too and you can find your own preppy style ;)

You can choose to wear the classic preppy as in the photos below, or… preppy-look-stylepreppy-style-1milan-plaid-skirt-688x1024alexa-chung-preppy-style… you can add different textures and patterns, accessories and mix it with other fashion styles in order to create one that fits you better. You can add some jewelry with studs or spikes and the classic preppy will suddenly become edgypreppy-style-2preppy-lookHere’s a modern preppy style, boyfriend jeans and oversized sweater…. definitely one to go for. 1302631768884228I bet you can see the must have item in this look….yes! it’s the leather skirt. And yes! It’s pleated… so as to match this Saturday’s fashion topic. preppy-sty1Screen-Shot-2012-09-03-at-6.32.27-PMmiranda-kerr-preppy-stylepreppy-fashion-trendYou can add a touch of preppy to your spring/summer wardrobe also ;) preppy-look-1preppy-fashion-styleDid you even think that wearing a metallic shirt dress you will somehow represent the preppy style?? In fashion everything is possible :)

Don’t follow rules, play with styles and always be yourself ;);;


ear-cuff-marchesaOK so ear cuffs may not be that new per se, but you have to give some credit to today’s designers for making this rather grunge accessory so posh. Have you seen Chanel’s ear cuffs? Talk about expensive luxurious diamonds that adorn ears of all ages. Actually I could see Anna Wintour donning those. Or maybe not. What I love about the times we live in (fashion wise) is the freedom and courage we have to literally take anything off the catwalks and rock it in everyday life. So when Rodarte, Marchesa or Chanel embellished their models’ ears last season (S/S 2013 collections) as much as I liked the trend I never thought I’d see for instance celebs wearing them on the red carpet. And I mean other celebs than Rihanna, who by the way is wearing the simple ear cuff version. Hm… go figure. But, here they are at events in their fabulous red carpet dresses and luxurious grunge ear blings. And if most of them are doing the Chanel version of the ear cuff… for the rest of us the options are pocket friendly and quite fabulous looking.

Check out Ear-Cuffs shop – a UK brand that only sells ear-cuffs – for a treat of the most fab ear-cuff earrings I’ve seen. From statement to simple. From gold to silver. Incredibly affordable and glamorous looking.


Topshop Ear Cuff

Topshop Ear Cuff

ASOS ear cuff

ASOS ear cuff

Before you dismiss this new trend on age & piercing grounds let me clear up some things for you. You do not have to succumb to drilling holes in your ears as the ear cuffs are put on by wrapping them around your ear cartilage. And if you think they’re only appropriate for your younger sister, teenagers or 20 year olds… ha, think again! Forget all you know about the ear cuffs, and those ’90’s designs that made us all look like rebel groupies, because today the ear cuffs come in millions of styles and designs for literally all ages, styles and tastes. So you can opt for simple clean designs and cuts in gold or silver that look like subtle & chic ear embellishments, or go for a more fun style with chains &  pendants that has one end cuffed to your ear and the other tied in your hair. For a super rich dramatic look opt for heavy embellished ear cuffs, that look like diamonds adorning your ears. They look fantastic with your hair pulled back, and can be the center piece accessory for a night out or an evening event. For a more subtle effect you can wear them with your hair down as it will sparkle from under your waves and create that super seductive feminine glamorous look. I love how ear cuffs look with a professional & feminine outfit, that you’d probably wear to work every day. It’s that small detail that gives a bit of edge and glam without revealing too much. I don’t believe in ‘‘don’ts” and fashion restrictions and I think if you love it and it looks good it probably does and will complete & put a twist on your style. Are ear cuffs the must-have bling this season and the latest jewelry trend? Or are they too over-the-top & fashion forward? Do ear cuffs scream fashion victim or are they just the ‘It Accessory’ we were waiting for? 2013-ear-cuffs2013-ear-cuff-style2013-ear-cuff-trendalicia-keys-gold-ear-cuffs

ASOS ear cuffs

ASOS ear cuffs

Diane-Kruger-in-Chanel-ear-cuffsear-cuffear-cuff-chains-pendantsear-cuff-chains-styleear-cuff-designear-cuff-diamond-styleear-cuff-ear-cuffear-cuff-hair-chainear-cuffs Ear cuffs Ear cuffs


korku Ear Cuff

korku Ear Cuff

Topshop ear cuff

Topshop ear cuff

Topshop ear cuff

Topshop ear cuff

Urban Outfitters ear cuffs

Urban Outfitters ear cuffs


More ear-cuffs styles here.


Article by Ghintare Survilante

In term of shirts it’s not so much about fashion trends, as it’s about finding the one you like and matching it into your style. I was trying to build up in my head some nice outfits, but then I realized… they go with absolutely everything. You can wear a shirt with all kinds of skirts and trousers, you can look smart, casual or even sporty matching your white or plaid shirt with a pair of sneakers. You can were it also on a Saturday night out if you don’t feel like wearing a short girly dress. We were able to see white shirts (worn by women of course) also to the Oscars. It’s like a LBD, you cannot not have it in your wardrobe, especially the white classic one. But then… there are really a thousand types of shirts: slim or fitted; boyfriend’s shirt; plain, plaid or printed (floral, animal, graphic or army print), you just have to find out which one works best for you and match your style to suit your mood. Ohhh… let’s not forget about the denim shirt, which for two years now is a must have. You can have a business style and look different from your male colleagues by wearing instead of your classic trousers some nice wide-leg trousers and a pair of high heels or even flats if you want to be more comfortable, you can still look smart and throw your pumps into your maxi bag, just in case… :)my-style-205617539207213175_5m8mde9c_cFree-shipping-2012-hot-fashion-Boyfriend-Color-Elegant-Stunning-Cool-Blouse-women-long-sleeve-dress-shirtAnd again I had to tell you which outfit is my fave one: white shirt, floral print pleated skirt and an oversized clutch, and… don’t forget, the best accessories to match your white shirts are the oversized necklaces and boyfriend watches, you can never go wrong with these.statement-necklace-stockholm-street-style-multicolor-beads-fashion-week-zara-heels-floral-print-a-line-full-skirt-celine-clutchhm-camisas-blusas-25~look-mainPearls, studs, plaid shirt and a tulle skirt…who would think this combination can look so good?? And still it does, maybe you just need some courage and an invitation to a fashion event in order to dress like that. :)

plaid-and-tulleplaid-and-tulle-21567-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Cardinal-Check-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-New-York-City-Street-Style-Fashion-Blogkholmes_v_22jun10_rex_320x480If you don’t have a denim shirt, here’s a piece of advice… buy one ;) you can wear it all year long, with skirts, dresses, trousers or leggings and mix it up in a casual or sport outfit, it’s comfortable and fashionable in the same time. And, yes! Now you can wear it even with your favorite pair of jeans, the number one rule is not to match the colours of the two items.STREET-STYLE-FASHION-WEEK-MODEL-OFF-DUTY-caroline-brasch-nielsen-DENIMON-DENIM-CANADIAN-TUXEDO-CHAMBRAY-SHIRT-PATCHWORK-JEANS-Cmassimo-dutti-vaquero-zara-aw---fashion-brands-verde-azulado-claro~look-maintumblr_me4ovhzph71rltwrco1_500levis-fashion-brands-dark-blue-isabel-marant-venetian-red~look-mainDon’t be afraid to mix prints: graphic and animal, stripes and floral or floral and animal as in the photo below, just try to avoid more than two patterns in the same outfit.135530270006377553_X1XVDUSj_cAnd here are some nice animal printed shirts. Milan+Fashion+Week+Street+Style+Women+Animal+Print+Shirttumblr_lx947oDWso1r4oosxo1_500So either you are a shirt girl or not, there has to be a design which suits your taste, you just have to figure out which one fits you better. ;)

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chanel-backpackAt first I thought this ’90’s fashion revival was just a passing  fashion mood, but it seems to have caught up and keep expanding. And I love it. Of course ’90’s fashion was not really the best, yet there’s something about the grunge meets girly decade that has us all going  back and reminiscing on our teenage years. Even designers have dipped into the grunge era for inspiration with their 2013 S/S collections and it’s safe to say that either way you go (as long as you keep it 90’s inspired) you’ll be looking cool. Nostalgic after Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp & Kate Moss? Or still a fan of those gorgeous supermodels who were living the dream back in the day? Or were you a Clueless & Beverly Hills kinda gal? All these people & fans had one thing in common fashion wise: the Backpack! Sure styles varied but it was there, hanging slouchy on our backs or tiny and structured carried on one shoulder. And today… The Backpack Trend Is Back!1990s-fashion-trend-in-2013-backpacks2013-backpack-trend90-inspired-trend-backpacks2013-backpack2013-bckpack90sinspired-fashion-trend-backpack90s-inspired-backpack90s-inspired-fashion-trend-backpack2013-trend-backpacksashley-olsen-backpackAbout 5 years ago if you had asked me what were the fashion-ugliest years for me, I would have said the ’90’s. Of course I loved them back then, but have you tried looking at photos from high-school? What were we thinking? Yet, here we are a few years ahead channeling our grunge personas. I suppose it’s all about taking the best from a decade, nipping & tucking it, reinventing it and making it look new while keeping it rather old-school. Such is the case of the Backpack. Designers and big brands (Chanel, The Row, Rag & Bone etc.) say it’s not only OK but quite posh to ditch your bag for a backpack! And if you think it only goes with a casual/sporty outfit (school or uni appropriate) you couldn’t be more wrong. Throw a backpack on, regardless of you wearing jeans & tennis shoes, or dress & heels. First of all, because it”s cool to clash styles. You get a more effortless & eclectic look. And second of all because today… backpacks come in literally millions of styles, colors & designs. I love the small black CHANEL one and the tiny structured backpacks that look like back posh bags you can wear for work. The white backpacks also look amazing for Spring Summer days, especially if they have gold buckles, adding a little chic richness to any simple outfit. For a more grunge look stick to slouchy backpacks, textured, studded or coloured ones. 2013-fashion-trend-backpack2013-fashion-trends-backpacks2013-street-style-backpack2013-trends-backpacksbackpack-fashion-style-2013backpack-2013-trendbackpack-men-street-stylebackpacksbackpacks-street-stylesbackpacks-styles-2013backpacks-style-streetbackpack-street-stylebackpack-street-style-2013 (2)backpack-street-style-2013backpack-street-style-fashionwhite-backpackwhite-backpack-stylethe-row-backpackstuds-glitter-backpacksstudded-backpackWhen it comes to backpacks the best thing is that you do not need styling tips… they go with absolutely anything and if they don’t… who cares? They’re easy to wear and can complete any look. Plus they add a bit of chicness and sophistication to your style. Too ’90’s for you? Or just the best fashion trend so far? backpack-style- (2)backpack-style-boxy-backpackbackpack-trendblack-backpackscara-delevigne-backpackchanel-backpack-miroslava-dumadesigner-backpacksolsen-street-style-backpackstreet-style-backpack (2)street-style-backpackstyle-backpackphotos via Pintrest, Tumblr, google images, lamodellamafia, StockholmStreetStyle.


holographic-bagHaving worked these past days on Fashion Week & fashion shows posts, I stumbled upon some of 2013 S/S women’s collections and couldn’t help smile at the thought that this spring & summer we’ll all be dipping into the ’70’s for some fashion inspiration. The ’70’s were all about disco kitsch and glam punk, with those super shiny skinny trousers and overdose of glitter as if everyone was a frustrated little girl reliving their childhood. And I was like… this will not pick up. Oh how soon had I spoken, cause just yesterday Refinery29 was telling us how cool holographic bags are. Gulp. So then I started to look into this holographic craze. Was it more than a craze? Was it really turning into a fashion trend? I know designers like Burberry, Jonathan Saunders, Blumarine & even Stella McCartney have used holographic textures for coats, skirts, tops (you name it) for their 2013 S/S collections (talk about a ’70’s revival, right?) but, to be honest with you, I did not expect to see women in holographic coats or leggings strutting the streets. Now you know I’m all for new trends, and there’s not one I do not love or embrace, but holographic jackets & trousers. Really? What are we all Zenon look a likes? In all honesty now… holographic clothes look pretty funky in magazines, photos, fashion editorials… but can’t imagine riding the tube in this retro futuristic attire. Ha! A little compromise for the sake of fashion? Yes. I would wear holographic shoes (heels only, I think sneakers look pretty robotic), bags, nails, belts. Well you got my drift, accessories. And maybe leggings with a black loose top and black heels. Hmm. blumarine-holographic-trendburberry-coat-holographicburberry-spring-2013-holographic-trendholographic-topjonathan-saunders-spring-2013-holographic-trend (2)jonathan-saunders-spring-2013-holographic-trendThe Holographic Trend is an homage to that kitsch ’70’s era when all was permitted and the funkiest and more outrageous you looked the better. It was rock’n roll to look bad, you know. Nothing was too much. But all these freedoms were a response to that era, when so much was happening politically, socially, musically… It’s cool that we embrace our past and seek inspiration in it, but how about new trends? How about something that stands for & represents 2013? Or are we all nostalgic dolls too bored to create or start new movements? Enough rambling on the ”whys” now. I guess that having designers rock this trend on the catwalks was sort of a preview for what retailers were coming up with for 2013 S/S. ASOS, Topshop, H&M are all brands that have started selling some holographic clothes & accessories, while some celebrities have already embraced the holographic trend: Kate Moss looked fab with her holographic clutch and Kate Bosworth in her holographic dress. I’m all for glitter, sequins, girly hot embellishments and clothes (for instance I like mixing them with more rock punk items to balance my outfits a bit), yet I do confess holographic to me is just a tiny bit at the limit of kitsch meets fashion forward. But it might just grow on me you know! anna-dello-russo-holographic-maskholographic-blousefashion-trend-holographicholographic-bootsholographic-clutchholographic-fashion-trend-leggingsholographic-jewelleryholographic-mirror-nailsStella-McCartney-Holographic-Faux-Leather-iPhone-case-trendstellamccartney_holographic1With designers giving us a free pass at this holographic craze and high street brands embracing it, with celebs rocking holographic clothes and accessories… where do you stand? Will we all look like  futuristic retro hot robots and drape ourselves in holographic textures as if we were kids in a candy store… or will we find a decent balance? Though fashion is not about balance is it?  It’s about freedom & creativity! So to hell with it! I’ll have those holographic trousers please! :)cat-deeleny-holographic-trousersholographic-clutch-street-style-trendholographic-coin-purse-trendholographic-dressholographic-fashion-maskholographic-green-trousersholographic-jacketholographic-leggingsholographic-nailsholographic-nails-styleholographic-outfitholographic-pink-nailsholographic-shoesholographic-shoes-trousersholographic-street style-trend-clutchholographic-styleholographic-style-mask-trousersholographic-style-trendholographic-sweaterholographic-trend-bootsholographic-trend-clutchholographic-trend-skirtholographic-trend-street-styleholographic-trousers-street-styleholographis-shoe-soleslong-holographic-nailsstella-mccartney-holographic-sandalsman-holographic-maskphotos via Pintrest & Tumblr


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When I first saw them I thought these were the ugliest shoes ever…. whether I was getting used to seeing them around every day or just realizing that you do can mix them into different kind of outfits, the point is… I started to kinda like Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers. Well, now there are a lot of brands which sell sneakers with platforms, but the first one to make them a must-have was the French designer. My question in the beginning was “why do women like these sneakers so much?” and I realized they actually have a lot of reasons: you can wear them all year long (and I’ll show you later some nice outfits for both winter and summer), you can wear sneakers and still do a smart look, if you’re not too tall you’ll love the idea of having in your wardrobe a pair of sport shoes with high heels, if you’re  tall enough – you’re legs will look even more amazing ;)… and now… reasons to dislike them. Actually I can’t think of something really convincing, maybe they are a bit too odd.541190_268142863272456_258661801_n22528_366418050111603_865628453_n197496_362731337146941_1576395107_n407676_375726265847448_2053769963_n

milan-street-Isabel-Marant-sneakers61911_382759565144118_640911176_nAnd now, as promised, here are some outfits which should inspire you how to wear the wedge sneakers… if you haven’t still figured it out. Let’s see the alternatives for the cold season. I would say, you can wear them with almost everything: skirts, trousers, leggings, coats, oversized sweaters. Even if I noticed girls love wearing them with oversized clothes, I prefer seeing them being worn with a fitted coat or a leather jacked, skinny trousers (for a sexy look) and an oversized bag ;) … Let’s say the picture bellow would be my favorite choice for a cold day.tumblr_lusyxg0ryF1qd1swho1_400hm-knitwear-zara-fuchsia~look-main…but as you already know, this season you can’t go wrong with wearing “one size fits all”.is11 (1)isabel marant sneakersisabel-marant-sneakers--the-blonde-salad-9K74

romwe-sunglasses-ohmyfrock-cardigan-isabel-marant-sneakers_400wearing-isabel-marant-david-coat-bazil-sneakers-bloggerzara-negro-asos-pantalones~look-mainAnd here are my favorite summer outfits :)hilary-duff-ashley-madekwe-isabel-marant-sneakersjoan-smalls-isabel-marant-bekett-high-top-sneakersI like these sneakers more in an edgy style, but they look nice also with girly short or long dresses and skirts. kate bosworth salon 100412isabel-marant-sneakers-prada-bags~look-mainSo don’t just sit and wait for summer to come. Go out! Buy this year’s most fashionable pair of shoes and think about some crazy nice outfits to wear them with, when winter will finally be over ;).

layers-fashionWhen it comes to layering clothes nobody does it better than the Brits! Must be the weather, I mean you literally can’t leave home without checking the forecast and even so you can’t expect to nail it down (fashion/temperature wise) 100%. Between outside & the tube you switch 3 seasons so talk about a temperature roller-coaster, right? How to keep warm & stay cool at the same time throughout the day, while looking fabulous? That’s easy. Layers! Though the Layering Trend has been around for a couple of years, it always feels updated & new each season. With the streets being invaded by ladies in millions of layers… FashionTag has decided to take a look at this comfy & cool fashion craze and figure out the secrets behind piling up on clothes. layers-fashion-trendhow-to-do-layersfashion-style-layeringSo is there a difference between piling up on clothes & layering up? And if so… how do we avoid looking like homeless people who are wearing all their clothes at once? Easy as it may seem, this Layering Trend & Technique is quite far from easy to be honest with you, and it does take a few messed up outfits to finally get the hang of it. Well if you want to layer in style that is. Fashion aside, the truth is layering is one of the best things out there to keep us warm, so regardless if you’re aiming for top notch looks or just to keep warm… go for it. Pile on those clothes ladies! cara-delevigne-layerscoats-layerd-upcolored-textured-layeringedgy-layeringWhen asked what was the big deal with this layered look, Vera Wang said  “layering lends a certain nonchalance”, and it’s true. I mean just take a look at Kate Moss or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, they always seem as if they’ve just randomly thrown a few clothes on, while the whole world is starring in awe trying to figure out their style. Ha! How to get those looks? Some say never do more than 3 layers and wear the thinnest one closest to your skin, then another one over it and a coat or jacket on top. In terms of layers I think skinny trousers, leggings or skinny jeans look best with whatever tops you may choose, because they slim us down while allowing us to pile up on clothes in the upper part. Heels also do the trick and will have you looking quite fantastic no matter how covered up you may be. Then comes the question. What to layer? Almost anything goes with anything and the key is to mix and match (colors, textures, lengths, proportions, cuts). Don’t be afraid to clash styles and contradict yourself in all sorts of clothing pieces. You can wear a T-shirt or classic office blouse over which you can add an unbuttoned shirt (denim with studded collars looks amazing) and over that, a cardigan, vest or blazer. For extra shape you can belt it all in style. A coat & scarf will complete the look. Another style I love (quite easy to put together too) is layering a cropped jumper with a longer T-shirt, blouse or shirt underneath. Rolled up sleeves and embellished collars will make you look effortlessly glam & the fashion rules and go over the top with 2 coats or jackets. How? Well for instance a fur vest looks absolutely posh and fab over any leather jacket, coat or outwear you have on. A denim or bicker jacket will also look great underneath a structured coat. Just make sure they are not bulky & they fit you well. Then you can mix and match pieces from different styles for a sophisticated look: silky top, hoodie, jeans/trousers, leather jacket. A sporty cap on, a cool bag, heels, lots of jewellery and a scarf will make you look like one of those off-duty models. Feeling adventurous? You can pile on skirts and trousers, at the same time. Pay attention to textures and stick to skinny bottoms for a safer look. If extreme layering is not your cup of tea, than you can stick to the basics while still being extra covered up: leggings and loose tops, lots of necklaces, a blazer & scarf on top. It’s simple with a twist. However you do it remember one thing: don’t over do it. Avoid looking like you’re wearing all your clothes at once.  At the end of the day it’s about how you feel & having fun, while being able to take off a layer or put it back on and not seem like a desperate insecure confused fashion victim. layering-fashion-trendlayering-boho-looklayering-looklayering-look-fashion-stylelayering-more-jacketslayering-shirtslayering-street-stylelayering-structure-looklayering-winter-street-stylelayerslayers-scarves-coatslayers-stylelayers-style-streetman-repeller-layeringover-layering-stylemodel-layered-looksporty-chich-layering-lookstreet-style-layerssimple-style-layeringwinter-trend-layersmodels-layering-stylesimple-look-layersphotos via Pintrest


fur-hat-whiteAh… Fur Hats! Another fashion trend for 2013 Winter that has me reminiscing on my childhood and how I hated wearing hats. 20 Years later and… I love them, hell I’m wearing them in Autumn and Spring as well so talk about a style twist there. The best thing about Fur Hats is that, besides looking super cool and stylish they keep us warm and comfy, and I always thought how interesting it is that a fully covered up neck and head will keep you warmer than boots or thick trousers. Hmm. Furry heads have been around for centuries, just think about those Russian aristocratic ladies in  the 1800’s who looked so ravishing in them while keeping warm on a blistering cold in Moscow. Perhaps it’s a case of who’s again guilty for this fashion trend revival… ding! Anna Karenina remake? (click here to read more on the Russian Trend). After all Keira Knighteley perfectly portrays the image of the Russian woman who adores furs, pearls and lace, all covered up in thick expensive fabrics, yet oozing utter femininity and seductiveness. And, as trends usually have their own lives and fashion roads The Fur Hat Trend is of no exception. Before massively hitting the big high-street retailers and then turning into a street -style, a trend always begins on the runway. Marc Jacobs and Temperley London had envisioned the 2012- – 2013 Autumn/Winter fashion as a return to an opulent comfort and coziness. With collections that were packed with fur hats of all sorts, designs, cuts and colors – they now gave us a free pass at these fabulous rich looking accessories. Big, small, fake fur, real fur, black, brown, white, red or super bright colored, all fuzzy & airy or au contraire thick and dense, the furs of these now so fashionable hats satisfy all tastes and styles.

fur-hat-marc-jacobsmarc-jacobs-fur-hattemperley-london-fur-hatDepending on what look and style you’re going for, you can choose a fur hat to match. For a Stylish even Glam approach you can opt for a black simple hat, without flaps and let your hair loose. Statement earrings will give a bit of a sophisticated touch when barely seen from behind your mane and furry accessory. It goes perfect with a coat in any style and boots. You can wear jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and tights, trousers with it dress it up or down. For a more Chic and Fashion forward look go for big fur hats with flaps and high boots. Any jacket or coat goes with them, depending on your style. Sporty chic: parkas. Classic with a twist: coats. Edgy: leather jacket.  A pair of earrings or statement necklace will jazz it up a bit. Personally these big fuzzy fur/fake fur hats with flaps are my favorite. They just make any look less pretentious, yet extremely stylish and sophisticated while keeping you warm. It has a bit of that effortlessly cool vibe to it. For some inspiration check out how models wear these amazing fur hats off duty, or how celebs choose to stay comfy in style with them. I don’t know about you but this trend is right down my street so to speak. It is literally one of the best out there, so versatile & easiest to style. Plus it oozes a rather refined richness and accessible extravagance, don’t you think?


Cossack Faux Fur Hat - Oliver  Bonas

Cossack Faux Fur Hat – Oliver Bonas

John Lewis Cossack Long Fur Hat,

John Lewis Cossack Long Fur Hat,


Fur Hat from Juicy Couture -  €119

Fur Hat from Juicy Couture – €119

KARL DONOGHUE from The Outnet -  €170

KARL DONOGHUE from The Outnet – €170

Lipsy Oslo Fur Pillbox Hat

Lipsy Oslo Fur Pillbox Hat

Urban Excess Fur Hat

Urban Excess Fur Hat



fur-hat-street-stylefur-hat-street-style-lookfur-hat-stylefur-hat-trendfur-hat-winter-trendkate-middleton-fur-hatanna-friel-fur-hat khloe-kardashian-fur-hatrihanna-fur-hat

Exposed socks? I am so pleasantly recalling this as my favorite things to wear as a little girl. I had a pair of white short socks to go with tiny sandals and a pair of blue knee-high ones. My fashion sense must have dated from back then (joking!). And, just a few years ago girls and women alike started wearing them again with heels or boots, so although it’s been around for a while (or better said it never left) this trend  is yet again making quite a statement.

Could we hold… say… the Gossip Girls or Dolce & Gabbana responsible for this new fad? The designers’ Alta Moda & 2012/2013 Autumn Winter Collection betray their vision of us women this season. And it’s quite clear: retro glamour or sexy nerd in strong tones, black, lots of embellishments and  knee high socks with stunning heels and hot shoes. 

Hmmm. Still a bit skeptical? So was I. Hell I used to hate this trend of the woman who refused to give up on her childish fashion roots. But… (bowing my head and changing colors) I am strongly reconsidering my taste on this one.

socks with heelssocks with heels

leighton-meester-socks-with-heelssocks with heelssocks-fashion-trendExposed Socks | Socks & Heels | Knee High Socks…

…is the perfect Trend for 2013 Winter. These comfy sexy, fun, playful feet cover-ups offer infinite styling options, millions of choices, designs, lengths, textures, colors, prints, styles… Oh my God just thinking of it makes me wanna try this trend over and over again. Polka dots, stripes, suspender, skeleton & bones mock socks, sheer, black, striped, white, lace, lingerie-like, knitted, short, girly, hot, sexy, nerdy, knee-high, over-the-knee… Millions I tell you!

And yes they do look  fantastic with heel shoes (chunky think ones, stilettos, court shoes, sandals, peep toe, pumps) & boots. Short simple or coloured socks (textured, printed or basic) look very sexy with stilettos & court shoes – a bit like business woman meets school girl and what you get is a fun quirky style that looks amazing. You can wear them with short, knee-length or maxi skirts, dresses, knits, jeans – depending on the style and look you’re going for. Naughty, nerdy or fun.coloured-socks-styleexposed-socks-sandals-trendexposed-socksexposed-socks-skirtexposed-socks-styleexposed-socks-trendkate-moss-girly-socksmarc-jacobs-skirt-sockspumps-with-socks-lookshort-socks-heel-shoesshort-socks-stylesocks-dress-stylesocks-fashionsocks-heeled-shoessocks-heeled-shoes-trend-stylesocks-office-looksocks-withheels-dress-looksocks-with-heels-trendsocks-with-sandals-looksocks-with-skirt-fashion-stylewhite-socks-heels-maxi skirtwhite-socks-heels-shortsTo stay warm on those windy freezing winter days get you long socks out girls and pull them over your knees. For a boho-chic, comfy, sexy, but urban look opt for knitted ones in grey, black, nudes, or browns. They go with anything and compliment every single outfit: shorts & silky tops or slouchy sweaters, skirts and sophisticated blouses or cardigans worn with a belt, knitted dresses or long sweaters.

For more of a party look (well with Holiday season here) you can opt for black over-the-knee socks (my black obsession kicks in again) or embellished ones with a black dress (large, slouchy princess like one for a girly boho chic look, or tight one with long sleeves for a sleek style).

Add a blazer or fur vest on top and you’ll be mixing comfy with chic & sophisticated. So yes… I am in love with this trend perhaps a little too much, but it can do no harm especially on this cold weather. It’s literally out with the socks this season! For more inspiration I’ve used some amazing photos I found on Pintrest, or… you can always take notes from Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker or Leighton Meester. I mean, if these girls can rock this trend with the whole world scrutinizing them, why can’t we? Long, short, colored or basic socks with heels, pumps, sandals or boots? Which one’s your style?




knee-socks-with-skirtknitted-long-socksknitted-long-socks-stylelong-socks-and-heels-looklong-socks-trendlong-socks-winter -trendlong-socks-with-wedgesmegan-fox-knee-high-socksover-the-knee-socksover-the-knee-socks-knitted-dressover-the-knee-socks-stylerihanna-heels-socksrihanna-socks-heelssarah-jessica-parker-over-the-knee-sockssexy-thigh-high-sockssexy-long-socksskirt-socks-red-heels-looksocks-catwalk-stylesocks-fashion-trendsocks-stylesocks-winter-trendwinter-style-socks-shoes